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New Holland 3230 Tractor in India Review, Benefits, Features - KHETIGAADI

The New Holland 3230 Nx tractor has an oil-immersed multi-disk stop and power steering. You'll feel more secure operating this tractor due to these characteristics. You can labor less because the New Holland 3230 Nx can perform continuous PTO activities. The sensitive control valve on the New Holland 3230 Nx tractor enhances total efficiency. It has excellent features, quality, and a reasonable price for tractors that maintain them in good condition and are ideal for farms and other users. Everyone's focus and choice are drawn to the tractor. The tractor is always offered based on the customer's preferences, features, quality, and the best price, making it suitable for and readily fitting into everyone's budget.

It is powered by a Bharat TERM III, 3-cylinder, 2500 CC engine with 45 HP nominal motor power and 38 HP take-off power. This generates a maximum force of 160.7 NM by rotating the crankshaft at 2000 RPM. The loader is equipped with cutting-edge water-cooling technology. As a result, it can function offline for extended periods of time, and refilling water as a coolant is simpler than with other liquid coolants. Furthermore, the tractor has an air filter that guarantees pure combustion and prevents wear and tear in internal motor components caused by air pollutants.

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New Holland 3230 Features -

The valuable tractor has a variety of features that will assist you in flourishing farming. And all of the components of this strategy are designed to meet the needs of farms. This model's specs are listed below.

  • The optional single/double type clutch on the New Holland 3230 NX tractor allows for simple and seamless gear changing.
  • This variant has a hydraulic lifting capability of 1500 kg, allowing you to effortlessly move large implements.
  • It has an economical fuel, a 1910 mm wheelbase, a length of 3270 mm, and a breadth of 1682 mm.
  • The tractor has a completely constant mesh gearing with 8 forward and 2 backward gears that aid in power transfer.
  • This 2WD tractor is economical and comes with a guarantee of 6000 hours or 6 years.

This New Holland tractor in India is propelled by a fuel-efficient motor that is suitable for use and purposes. The New Holland 3230 TX Super 2WD tractor has four wheel drive, which allows you to complete all jobs with simplicity. Furthermore, these machines are used for a variety of cropping, including cotton, sugarcane, vines, and orchards.

New Holland 3230 NX Price 2023 -

The New Holland 3230 price is reasonable, with sophisticated features that allow even small farms to own a good tractor. That is why every farmer wants to purchase a tractor like this one, which can work well and is reasonably priced., The New Holland tractor 3230 NX price Rs. 6.47-7.19 Lakh*.

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