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New Farmtrac Tractors Price, Features, Specifications, and Review in 2023

Farmtrac tractor models are frequently regarded as the finest and most well-known in India. These tractors beat their rivals with greater significance because they have comfortable seats, a powerful engine, easy-to-change gear, and other manageable characteristics that the desired tractor should have. Farmtrac tractor prices are significantly lower and easier to acquire in India. Farmtrac tractors, manufactured in India, have set the standard for producing unique and simple-to-use tractors that every farmer wants. Farmtrac provides high-quality tractors while keeping farmers' daily tasks in mind. Amazing tractor solutions from Farmtrac Tractor will improve the productivity and caliber of their work. Farmtrac is adamant that Indian farmers can use high-quality tools to help them achieve high-productivity farming.

The Farmtrac Tractor Company's entry into field mechanisation has aided in the transformation of agricultural challenges in rural India into possibilities. Farmtrac is a well-known brand of Escorts Agri Machinery, one of India's largest tractor makers. Farmtrac tractors were first supplied to India by the Escorts Kubota company in 1996. Farmtrac is a tractor manufacturer that specialises in cutting-edge engineering, high-performance tractors, and tractors with outstanding traction. The premium tractor model line is also affordable and well-known for pulling more traction with less exertion.

Farmtrac is a subsidiary brand of Escorts that offers Indian farmers a wide variety of well-equipped and heavy-duty tractors ranging from 22-80 HP at an affordable price for farmtrac tractors. Farmtrac tractors are well-known for their versatile and distinctive features, which are inexpensive, making them cost-effective and efficient tractors.

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Farmtrac Tractor Features

  • Produce premium-range tractors with great efficiency.
  • Excellence always comes first.
  • Produces low-cost vehicles.
  • Offers exceptional after-sales support
  • Extremely adaptable to a broad variety of applications.
  • Tractors that demand little upkeep
  • Excellent worldwide engineering and technology coverage
  • Its layout is efficient.
  • It has a strong engine that needs little upkeep.
  • Farmtrac tractors are developed and engineered to provide farmers with comfort by utilising cutting-edge technologies.
  • In India, Farmtrac tractors are readily accessible and reasonably priced.

Farmtrac Tractor Series Models

Farmtrac ATOM - This line of small orchard tractors is available in 4WD Farmtrac Tractor models ranging from 22 to 35 horsepower. ATOM series versions feature powerful engines, cutting-edge technology, cool, spacious workspaces, plush seats, and tractor compartments. Furthermore, the Farmtrac small tractor is reasonably priced at Rs. 4.80 Lakh*.

Farmtrac Champion - In this category, the Farmtrac 45 model is common. This Champion series contains tractor models ranging from 35 HP to 45 HP that are loaded with cutting-edge technology. The Farmtrac Champion class tractor ranges in price from Rs. 4.90 Lakh* to Rs. 5.80 Lakh*. Whether it's fuel efficiency, gear power, or comfortable seating, these tractors provide the finest services for farming and agricultural requirements.

Farmtrac Powermaxx - Variants range from Farmtrac Tractor 50 HP to Farmtrac 60 HP. These tractors are mostly found on big farms. These Tractors are heavy-duty vehicles that are simple to handle in difficult and terrible farm regions. The Farmtrac Powermaxx variant is priced between Rs. 6.50 lakh* and Rs. 9.60 lakh*.

Farmtrac Ultramaxx - The Ultramaxx series contains two Farmtrac new tractor models with horsepower ratings of 47 and 65, making them suitable for farming and industrial applications. This Farmtrac tractor series is one of the finest. Farmtrac Ultramaxx versions are priced between Rs. 6.90 Lakh* and Rs. 9.90 Lakh*.

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