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Mahindra 265 DI Price, Features, Specification, and Reviews 2023

The Mahindra 265 DI bhoomiputra tractor is the best in the 30-hp range because it offers a variety of cutting-edge farm solutions that increase output. It is powered by a 2048 CC 3-cylinder engine that produces 1900 ERPM. The powerful tractor can handle all farming tasks, from soil preparation to transport. It is suitable for small farms and gardens. The engine capacity of the Mahindra 265 DI Bhoomiputra Power Plus engine provides effective and cost-effective field mileage. The Mahindra 265 DI tractor is a powerful, feature-rich, and fuel-efficient tractor. The Mahindra 265 DI is one of the best 2WD tractors in India because it has a variety of unrivalled features such as efficient engine power, unique KA technology, seamless gear shifting operations, powerful lifting capacity, a large diameter steering wheel, and is heavy-built to pull the heaviest farm implements with ease.

The Mahindra 265 DI tractors are well-known for their power and fuel efficiency. This 2WD tractor has a 22.4 kW (30 HP) engine, a rated RPM of 1900 r/min, 8 F + 2 R gears, three cylinders, optional power steering, and a 1200 kg hydraulic lifting capacity. If you need your tractors to easily drive heavy farming implements such as a plough, rotavator, and cultivator, this Mahindra tractor will suffice. The most notable features of the Mahindra 265 DI tractor are its optimally powerful engine, Unique KA Technology, smooth gear shifting operation, excellent lifting capacity, sturdy build, LCD cluster panel, large-diameter steering wheel, impressive braking performance, and comfortable seating. The Mahindra 265 DI tractors are among the best 2WD tractors in India because they perform a variety of agricultural tasks efficiently.

Mahindra 265 DI Features


  • Mahindra 265 HP has a power rating of 30. It is one of the most popular models with less than 30 HP.
  • This tractor's engine has a rated RPM of 1900.


  • The Mahindra 265 DI has a partial constant mesh gearbox.
  • The Mahindra 265 DI comes standard with oil-immersed multi-disc brakes.
  • Dual-acting power steering is standard on the Mahindra 265 DI.


  • The lifting capacity of the Mahindra 265 DI is 1200 kgf.
  • It has advanced hydraulics with high precision.
  • Tires and Wheel Drive
  • The Mahindra 265 DI tractor has two wheels.
  • The rear tyres on the Mahindra 265 DI are 12.4 X 28 / 13.6 X 28.

Mahindra 265 DI Applications -

  • Disc Plough
  • Harrow
  • Half Cage Wheel
  • Thresher
  • Water Pump
  • Tipping Trailer
  • Seed Drill
  • Cultivator

Mahindra 265 di Bhoomiputra Price

The Mahindra 265 DI price is between 4.70 lakhs and 4.90 lakhs. This tractor has a number of cutting-edge features that help to increase farm productivity. With a variety of attachments, the Mahindra 265 DI can be used for farming tasks such as tilling, leveling, sowing, puddling, transporting, and harvesting. The Mahindra 265 DI Bhoomiputra tractor is the best for farming and commercial use.

The fuel-efficient engine that powers this Mahindra tractor in India is dependable and adaptable to a wide range of applications. You can easily complete all of your duties with the Mahindra 265 DI Bhoomiputra tractor's 4-wheel drive. These tractors are also used to cultivate a variety of crops such as cotton, sugarcane, vineyards, and orchards. The tractor's highly effective gearbox ensures more PTO power availability, resulting in improved rotary implement performance. The Mahindra 265 di bhoomiputra price list is determined with Indian farmers in mind.

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