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Latest Powertrac Tractor Price, Specification, Features & Review 2023

Escorts Agri Machinery, a manufacturing division of Escorts, was founded in 1960. Under the brand names Farmtrac, Powertrac, and Steeltrac, the company is well-known throughout the globe for producing tractors with distinctive tractor features. Powertrac tractor, one of the finest tractor manufacturers, is trusted by the entire tractor industry. Powertrac Tractor was established by the two Nanda brothers, Har Prasad and Yudi. The tractor is the most famous brand among Indian farmers due to its ability to perform tasks effectively and efficiently. Escorts Limited, one of India's leading engineering companies, is a favored partner for construction and farming machinery. Many farmers in India are hoping to buy tractors from this company. The role of escorts in the rapidly growing industries of agri-machinery.

Escorts is committed to adding to India's growth story and making a positive difference in people's lives. This commitment is backed up by an internal R&D center and partnerships with leading global technology firms. The Powertrac Euro 50 tractor was named Indian Tractor of the Year for its best-in-class achievement. Powertrac tractors' three additional series are the powerful Euro Series, the highly economical and effective DS Plus Series, and the Best-in-Class Haulage Operation Tractors the ALT Series. This series depicts what perfection in machinery appears like. The elegant tractor company is always coming up with new ideas.

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Powertrac Tractor Price 2023

  • Powertrac 425 N Tractor
  • Powertrac 430 PLUS Tractor
  • Powertrac 439-PLUS
  • Powertrac Euro 42 PLUS Tractor
  • Powertrac Euro 47 Tractor
  • Powertrac Euro 55 Tractor
  • Powertrac Euro 60 Tractor

Powertrac Tractor Model Range and Series -

Powertrac Tractor Model Range and Series - Powertrac provides more than ten tractor models ranging from 28 to 60 HP. Euro series tractors are of the highest grade and provide long-term crop solutions. Powertrac tractor prices range from Rs. 4.90 lakh* to Rs. 8.40 lakh*. Powertrac tractors with 45 horsepower, 50 horsepower, 60 horsepower, 41 horsepower, and other popular Powertrac tractor models are offered. The Powertrac Euro line has the following model names:

The Powertrac DS line includes four Powertrac tractor models built with cutting-edge technology and designed for sophisticated farming. The Powertrac Next series tractors have a power range of 52 to 60 Horsepower. Powertrac tractor prices in the following models from Rs. 6.91 Lakhs* to Rs. 9.41 Lakhs*

The Powertrac PowerHouse line includes six Powertrac tractor models, each with dependable engines, comfortable seats, and spacious work areas. It is a new Powertrac series that incorporates all existing Powertrac tractor models with horsepower ranging from 39 to 55. A Powertrac tractor from the PowerHouse series begins at Rs. 6.20 lakhs*.

Powertrac ALT series tractors are known for their "yellow revolution" and have a power range of 28-41 Horsepower. This line of Powertrac tractor models is made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, and they can handle all kinds of farming. The Powertrac ALT series vehicles commence at Rs. 4.6 Lakh* and go up to Rs. 5.75 Lakh*.

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