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Latest New Holland Tractor Price list in India, Features, and Specification 2023

New Holland tractors' modern technology, features, and efficiency are critical for Indian farmers. This is the primary element driving market demand for 2WD/4WD New Holland tractors. As a result, you can select the best new Holland tractor models for your requirements and budget. You can operate your farm more swiftly and effectively with the new Holland tractor series. The most recent Holland tractors are an excellent choice for increasing agricultural output. New Holland Tractor is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cutting-edge farm equipment. New Holland Agriculture, which was established in 1996, introduced the first 70 HP tractor in India. The 1999 New Holland 3630 launched with 50 HP. The company is well-known for providing cutting-edge agricultural products such as tractors and harvesting and post-harvesting equipment.

The company is well-known for producing high-quality 2WD/4WD tractors with HP ratings ranging from 30 to 90 horsepower. All New Holland tractors are outfitted with cutting-edge features, high-tech specifications, and fuel-efficient engines designed for fruitful work. The business employs technically skilled workers who are acquainted with international standards and quality at the New Holland tractor manufacturing facility in India. Since its inception in 1996, New Holland Agriculture, a subsidiary of CNH Industrial, has gained over 3,000,000 customers. New Holland Agriculture offers a line of tractors with cutting-edge technology in India to suit the needs of Indian farmers.

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New Holland Tractors Price -

A New Holland tractor costs between Rs 4.70 Lakhs and Rs 26.10 Lakhs*. The New Holland TD 5.90 tractor is the most expensive in the New Holland tractor series, costing Rs 26.10 Lakh. The New Holland 3032 Nx tractor is the most affordable tractor in the company's range. The New Holland 3630 special version costs between Rs 7.80 lakhs and Rs 8.60 lakhs*, while the New Holland 3230 costs Rs 6.60 lakhs*.

Popular New Holland Tractor in India

  • New Holland Excel 6510 2WD/ 4WD Tractor
  • New Holland TD 5090 4WD Tractor
  • New Holland EXCEL 9010 4WD Tractor
  • New Holland EXCEL 9010 Tractor
  • New Holland 7500 Turbo Super 4WD Tractor
  • New Holland EXCEL 8010 4WD Tractor
  • New Holland 5630 Tx Plus Tractor
  • New Holland EXCEL 8010 Tractor
  • New Holland 6500 Turbo Super Tractor
  • New Holland 5620 TX Plus 4WD Tractor

New Holland Tractors -

Mini tractors are not accessible. There are, however, farm tractors available, such as the New Holland 3230, New Holland 3510, New Holland 3037, New Holland 3032, New Holland Excel 8010, New Holland 5500 Turbo Super, New Holland 3600- 2TX, New Holland Excel 6010, 3630 Tx Plus, and many others. The New Holland 3630 is priced at Rs 8 lakh. Furthermore, the most common New Holland tractors are the New Holland 3230, 3600, 4710, and 5630.

They also have a range of hay and forage tractors. This tractor is mostly used for farming. The Fr Forage Crusher, FR, Pull type Forage Harvester, Square Baler BC5060, HayBine Mower Conditioner, Pneumatic, and Rotavators are among the models and implements offered.

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