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Latest New Holland 3630 Tractor Price, Specifications, and Technological Features in 2023

The cost of the New Holland 3630 is reasonable for farms. Farmers are interested in the New Holland 3630 TX Plus tractor because it is intelligent. The tractor is made by New Holland Tractor and is stocked with highly sophisticated technical tools for efficient work. The finest and most suitable tractor for almost all Indian markets is the New Holland 3630. It can effectively complete almost all agricultural applications. The New Holland tractor brand provided a wide variety of tractors with excellent specs and amazing features. The New Holland 3630 TX Plus tractor, for instance, is creating quite a commotion in the marketplace. The cost of the New Holland 3630 TX Plus ranges from Rs. 7.20 lakhs to Rs. 7.80 lakhs. New Holland is a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery and equipment, including tractors. Tractors made by New Holland are renowned for their robustness, dependability, and cutting-edge technology. They offer a range of tractors for different applications and needs, including compact, utility, specialty, and row crop tractors.

New Holland tractors come with advanced technology features like advanced farming systems, precision farming, and telematics that provide real-time information and data to farmers for better decision-making. New Holland tractors offer efficient performance with higher torque, low fuel consumption, and better traction control. They also come with a power-shift transmission, which makes them suitable for heavy-duty applications. New Holland tractors are designed with a spacious and comfortable cab that offers excellent visibility, ergonomic controls, and air-conditioning for long hours of operation. New Holland tractors are versatile and can be used for multiple applications, such as crop cultivation, planting, tilling, harvesting, and transportation. Durability and Reliability: New Holland tractors are built to last and can withstand tough conditions. They are made of high-quality materials, and their engines are tested for durability and reliability.

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Features -

The New Holland 3630 is a powerful tractor designed for use in agricultural applications. The following is a list of features:

  • Engine: The New Holland 3630 is powered by a 3-cylinder, 50 HP diesel engine, which provides ample power for various agricultural tasks.
  • Transmission: It has an 8 forward and 2 reverse synchromesh transmission, which makes gear shifting smooth and easy.
  • Hydraulics: The tractor has a hydraulics system that can lift up to 1700 kg, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Steering: The New Holland 3630 has power steering, which provides easy maneuverability and control of the tractor.
  • Tires: The tractor is equipped with large, heavy-duty rear tires that provide excellent traction and stability on rough terrain.
  • Comfort: The tractor is designed with the operator's comfort in mind, featuring a spacious cabin with ergonomic controls, adjustable seats, and good visibility.
  • Versatility: The New Holland 3630 is a versatile tractor that can be used for a variety of agricultural applications, including plowing, tilling, harvesting, and transportation.

Overall, the New Holland 3630 is a reliable and powerful tractor that is well-suited for small to medium-sized farms. Its versatility, ease of use, and comfort features make it a popular choice among farmers.


  • Gyrovator
  • Cultivator
  • Haulage
  • Spraying
  • Rotavator
  • Crops Harvesting
  • Threshing
  • Ploughing & Tilling

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