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Latest Farmtrac 45 Price, Specification, Features, & Benefits in 2023

Farmtrac 45 is a tractor model produced by the Indian tractor manufacturer, Farmtrac. It is a 45-horsepower tractor with a four-cylinder diesel engine that generates a maximum torque of 184 Nm. The engine is coupled with a synchromesh gearbox that has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. The tractor has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 2000 kg and comes with a three-point linkage system. It is equipped with power steering, making it easy to maneuver and control. The tractor also has an oil-immersed braking system for efficient and reliable braking.

The Farmtrac 45 has a comfortable operator platform with adjustable seats and steering, and easy-to-reach controls. It also has a canopy for protection from the sun and rain. The tractors tires are large and provide good traction on all kinds of terrain. its cutting-edge technology and features that go far beyond basic intelligence, the Farmtrac 45 smart tractor sticks out from the other Farmtrac tractors.

Overall, the Farmtrac 45 is a powerful and reliable tractor suitable for a variety of farming applications, including ploughing, tilling, hauling, and more.

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Farmtrac 45 Smart Features and Specifications

  • The Farmtrac 45 Smart tractor is reasonably priced. The Farmtrac 45 Smart has a powerful 3-cylinder, 2900 cc motor that produces 50 HP at 2200 rated RPM, providing greater power, economy, and comfort. With all of these newest features, the Farmtrac 45 Smart is equipped with an oil bath-style air filtration that provides dust-free air to the engine and a coolant-cooled cooling system to prevent engine overheating during extended use.
  • The new Farmtrac 45 Smart tractor is simple to operate thanks to its single/dual transmission. The Farmtrac 45 has a power steering/mechanical steering system that makes it easy to use and fast to respond. The tractor's Multi-Plate Oil Immersed Disc Brakes provide excellent grip with minimum slippage.
  • Its hydraulic hauling capability of 2000 kg and Farmtrac 45 Smart mileage make it useful in all areas. With these options, cultivators, rotavators, plows, planters, and other equipment can be used.
  • The Farmtrac 45 Smart with these additions appears to come stock with 8 front gears and 2 rear gears. The Farmtrac 45 Smart, with Single or Dual clutch choices, simplifies tractor operation in any farming task.
  • The Farmtrac 45 Smart measures 3.26 metres in length and weighs 1940 kg. The Farmtrac 45 Smart has a length of 1875 mm and a turning radius of 2780 mm. The Farmtrac 45 Smart has 6 x 16 front tyres and 13.6 x 28 back tyres. The Farmtrac 45 Smart is a two-wheel drive tractor.

Farmtrac 45 Price -

The Farmtrac 45 price is between 5.90 lakhs and 6.10 lakhs. The Farmtrac 45 Smart's 2125 mm wheelbase adds to its enhanced on- and off-road stability. The tractor has a total length of 3440 mm, a breadth of 1870 mm, and a ground clearance of 377 mm.

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