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Latest Escort Tractor Price, Features, Review, and Specifications in 2023

The company is well-known among Indian farmers for producing durable tractors equipped with cutting-edge technology. Their tractors have all of the effective and efficient features needed for high output. These tractors are also equipped with additional Digitrac tractor comfort features such as live adjustable seats and others. Escorts Tractor now serves roughly 14,00,000 customers across the country, providing the widest range of HP ranging from 12 HP to as high as 80 HP. These tractors are technologically sophisticated and have tractor specifications that are the finest in class, making them one of the best machines in India. With a low tractor price, these tractors become more or less cost-effective partners for Indian purchasers. Powertrac tractor, Farmtrac tractor, and other models are also included.

The most powerful Escorts tractor types are the Steeltrac and MPT JAWAN. They excel in agriculture, improving production quality. The tractors are outfitted with high-tech fieldwork options. As a result of its mind-blowing tractor models, the Escorts group entered the tractor business. Today, the business is best known for its tractors, farm machinery, railway equipment, and other agricultural components. Brand success is determined by the diversity and dynamic presence of brands in marketplaces; Escort tractors in India exemplify this idea as one of the major reasons for their success. A more efficient tractor must be brought to the market in the near future.

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Why Should You Use Escort Tractors?

  • Escort Tractor's Agri machinery has been dedicated to raising Bharat's agricultural productivity over the last seven decades.
  • Escort tractors have been equipped with extra tools and equipment.
  • It earned an unbreakable reputation in India. The major achievements that demonstrate why Escorts is India's best tractor company
  • They produce high-tech tractors to suit farmers' needs.
  • Escorts Tractor capitalises on inherent strengths to navigate unprecedented challenges while constantly growing in capabilities, impact, technology, and customer response.
  • Escort Tractors is a tractor maker. The body and motor are both tough and durable.
  • In comparison to other tractor brands, tractor maintenance expenses are lower.
  • In the market, escort tractor prices are affordable.

Tractor Drivers in India -

  • Escorts Farmtrac Smart 50 Tractor - This tractor model has incredible features such as a 41 HP engine, 3 cylinders, a 50 Liter fuel tank capacity, a lifting capability of 1500 kg, and multiple oil-immersed brakes. The beginning price for this tractor is 5.95 Lac*.
  • Escorts Powertrac 434 Plus Tractor - With a 37 HP engine, 3 cylinders, 8 forward and two backward gears, and a displacement of 2146 CC, this tractor is ideal for small farms. The starting price for this mower is 4.96 Lac*.
  • Escorts Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor - This tractor is used for hallowing and can handle extended tasks. It has a 50 HP motor with a 1200 RPM rated RPM. The maximum weight limit is 1800 kg.
  • Farmtrac Smart 50 Tractor Escorts - It completes all farming tasks. It is used in conjunction with a cultivator, sprayer, reaper, hauler, rotavator, and other farm equipment. This tractor has a 45 HP motor, 3 cylinders, a 60-liter fuel tank, and 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. This tractor has a beginning price of 6.00 Lac*.
  • Farmtrac XP- 41 Champion Guides It is well-known for its low operating costs and high gasoline efficiency. It is also well-known for its capacity and ability to provide the most power under peak loading circumstances. It has a 41 HP engine, three cylinders, an 1800 kg lifting capability, and a displacement of 2337 CC. The starting fee for this tractor is 9 Lac*.

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