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Best Digitrac Tractor in India Review, Features - KHETIGAADI

Digitrac Tractors are all equipped with cutting-edge features. Digitrac tractors are a shining illustration of modernity and invention. It is currently only accessible in Punjab and Haryana. Digitrac is the country's first online tractor network. This famous brand's tractors are a real combination of foreign style and comfort, with value-added features best suitable for varied Indian farming and transport activities. All Digitrac tractors are a perfect blend of foreign style and luxury, with choices tailored specifically to Indian farming. Digitrac tractors have a lot of great characteristics that are ideal for Indian cultivation.

The top tractor brand, an extension of the tractor behemoth Escorts Group, provides futuristic, stylish, and strong tractors with effective PTO power to power a variety of agricultural tools. Given the cost of Digitrac tractors, the outstanding features and technology they provide are well worth the investment. Digitrac tractor comes in three distinct colors: DIGIBLUE, DIGIBLACK, and DIGISILVER. It offers the best user experience with optimum comfort and protection. Digitrac is the finest tractor business because of its value-added features and affordable Digitrac tractor prices on the road. It has the most PTO capacity for efficient operation with implements. It has reached new heights of success thanks to these novel features. Customers are drawn to its fashionable appearance and style.

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Digitrac Tractors Features -

Digitrac makes high-yielding tractors. Each Digitrac tractor type is specifically built for the tough Indian fields. These tractors operate admirably in difficult situations.

  • Digitrac basically defines terms such as modernity, distinctiveness, effectiveness, sophisticated technology, and many others.
  • Digitrac is the first tractor to offer curbside demonstrations and services.
  • All Digitrac machines include a canopy to shield the user from harm.
  • Digitrac tractor has an extensive marketing and service network throughout Punjab and Haryana.
  • Digitrac offers a 5-year guarantee at no additional cost.
  • Locate a Digitrac tractor repair center and an authorized Tractor dealer in your area.
  • In India, the Digitrac tractor costs between Rs.6.34 Lakh* and Rs.8.08 Lakh*.

Digitrac Tractors Series Models -

Digitrac is a well-known tractor maker that focuses on better agriculture and technology. The following are the best digitrac tractor models:

  • Digitrac PP 46i is powered by a 4-cylinder 3680 cc engine. The price of this digitrac tractor with 50 horsepower varies between Rs. 6.82 lakh and Rs. 7.52 lakh.
  • Digitrac PP 43i- The model is propelled by a 3-cylinder. The price of this digitrac tractor with 47 horsepower starts at Rs. 6.34 lakh.
  • The Digitrac PP 51i is powered by a 3680 cc 4-cylinder engine. The price of this digitrac tractor with 60 horsepower varies between Rs. 7.78 lakh and Rs. 8.08 lakh.

Digitrac Tractors Price -

Digitrac tractors have captured a significant market share & have met all of the needs of farmers. As a result, the Digitrac tractor Price in India is not a major be concern for farmers, as these tractors are quite affordable and fall within a price range that is comparable to the tractors' high quality. Digitrac tractor prices are cheap because the business sells these tractors directly.

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