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How to Prevent Leaks?

When you figure out why the disposable diaper is leaking, you can follow the best of the following strategies to kiss the leaking problem goodbye.

Get the Right Diaper Size

If you notice repeated leaking it may be due to your child's growth. Be conscious of your baby’s growth and up the size of your diaper accordingly. If your baby usually wears size two, change the diaper to diapers size4 or diaper size 5 before bedtime. This will prevent leaks during the night, no matter how much your baby tosses and turns.

Change Diapers Frequently

Make sure you are not exceeding the absorption limit of the diaper and change it frequently during the day and night. This will also keep your baby feeling comfortable and pain-free.

Get Sleep-friendly Diapers

If regular diapers are not working for your baby, it's normal. Some babies are more active so using a larger size diaper may not solve the problem. In this case, switch to overnight diapers. These diapers are comparatively strong absorption baby diapers, last longer, and work throughout the night.

Prepare For the Unexpected

Be ready for an unexpected leak. Make sure you always stock up on an extra pair of clothes and diapers. Keep a diaper bag dispenser with you to properly dispose of during travel. Keep a plastic sheet if you are staying at someone’s place overnight. Invest in overnight diapers and soft baby wipes.

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