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BabyCozy’s Bouncy Soft Diapers, featuring premium soft design, now available on Amazon

BabyCozy Bouncy Soft diapers are now available on Amazon, bringing premium comfort to babies while making parents’ jobs easier across the US. The new baby-centered brand designed the diapers with premium soft and absorbent materials, to be one of the most comfortable on the market.

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Formed as a sub-brand of Momcozy, BabyCozy crafted its diapers with a parents’ love. Designed so only the gentlest materials com into contact with babies’ skin, early access users have already been particularly impressed by the diaper’s softness.

Bouncy Soft diapers were designed with babies’ comfort at the forefront, using the softest materials to ensure the gentlest, non-irritating contact with babies’ skin. The buttery smooth top sheet features an embossed cocoon pattern reduces skin contact by 45% for less friction and irritation. Meanwhile the 0.8D microfiber comprising the velvet-like back layer is the finest on the market, and the 20,000+ micropores lining the layer’s base film help’s babies’ skin breathe, further making for a pleasant wearing experience.

Parents don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals or additives coming into contact with their baby’s skin either, as the diapers are also chlorine, fragrance, paraben, and phthalate-free.

Bouncy Soft diapers were also designed for optimum absorption and leak protection, keeping babies dry, comfortable and relatively clean even when it’s time for a diaper change. The core is made from an FSC-certified plant and polymer core, absorbing and locking in urine within 10 seconds, to keep babies dry for up to 12 hours. Furthermore longer and wider leak guards offer greater leak protection so parents don’t have to worry about unfortunate messes.

“It’s only natural to want the very best for your baby.” says BabyCozy’s team. “But always making the right decision for your little one can be tough. We know it’s hard to always be perfect, so we want to make things easier.” BabyCozy’s team continued, “With years of expertise, high quality materials carefully selected from top-end suppliers, and thoughtful design, we strive to only make products that bring the ultimate comfort and happiness to your little one. Starting with our Bouncy Soft diapers, we want to help parents out, so you can focus on more important things, like enjoying those precious moments with your little one.”

BabyCozy’s Bouncy Soft diapers are now available starting at $36.99, and come in six different sizes for babies ranging from 8–35+ lbs. Purchases include free baby diapers through Fulfillment by Amazon FBA, and during Amazon Prime Day, customers can also enjoy a 30% discount at checkout.

About BabyCozy

BabyCozy understands first-hand how tough and lonely parenting is sometimes, but also knows how incredibly rewarding it can be. This experience guides its passion for producing only the highest quality, innovative and practical products on the market. BabyCozy strives to make babies as cozy, comfortable and happy as possible, so parents can spend less time worrying, and more time enjoying those precious moments with their little one.

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