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Top 5 Embroidery Thread Brands | Browse in detail

Top 5 Embroidery Thread Brands | Browse in detail
When buying thread for your machine embroidery, do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options on the market?

Choosing the best embroidery floss brands can be overwhelming when faced with hundreds of distinct options. This review will answer those questions and also help you consider the leading brand of machine embroidery thread.
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1.Madeira Incredible Best Embroidery Thread:
Madeira is an international brand of embroidery thread, and from the USA. Madeira is an incredible thread that has a great variety of vibrant colors, great packaging, best for outdoor fabrics, and machine embroidery. It has the highest scores in the best embroidery thread brands, and for embroidery, rayon is the best material by Madeira.
Madeira is the best unbelievable theme
Madeira is an incredible embroidery thread

مكائن خياطة منزلية
Madeira Rayon contains 80 colors of Madeira Rayon embroidery floss at 220 yards per spool.
It includes row after row of rayon embroidery floss.
It has a completely different filament box that can be easily attached to the device.
It is easy to rearrange the threads in the box.
Each thread box has an additional separation of thread colors, and in each divided box the shade and number of threads are also written.

مؤسسة المحسن لمكائن ولوازم الخياطة

It also includes a CD with 42 embroidery designs already given for convenience.
The designs in the CDs contain external characters such as flowers, trees, woods, cartoons, etc.

It is waterproof.
It has huge color combinations.
The box is very convenient to use with the machine.

دواسات مكائن
It is very expensive because it is an international brand.
Many threads are halfway through the work break, which makes it difficult to use when time is short.
2.Sulky Slimline Embroidery Thread:

The Skinny Thin Thread has a huge range of beautiful colors in different and unique shades. The original slim box holds up to 104 mini spools, and the universal slim box holds up to 64 bobbins. Each reel is very exclusive and easy to use, and its storage box gives you a reliable way to store your reels.
Sulky Slimline embroidery floss
Sulky Slimline embroidery floss

كاويات البخار
Small items can be embroidered without stabilizer.
Ready-made dresses can easily be made with embroidery on the sleeves, shoulders, etc.
Bright and dynamic shades are available in this box.
Contains 104 spools in the original box and 64 spools of embroidery floss on the universal box.
The thread will never fall out, even if the box is upside down.
All pulleys are effectively marked and opened.
It can be washed easily.
It will last for five years.
All threads have a great variety of colors.
It is not very expensive to buy.
Sulky silk thread collection is too intense to use at times.
It sometimes causes problems while embroidering but not with all types of needles.
3.Brotheread 63 New Embroidery Machine:
This brand is similar to the domestic manufacturer, but not in the least because it has a wide range of colors, and the domestic one works well because it is used by both home users and stylists. The items are cheap and readily available in any range.
New Brother 63 embroidery thread
New Brotheread 63 embroidery thread
We can use all threads on different machines and in the best computerized stitching.
Each spool is 550 yards long, and the full set includes 40 colors.
The bro thread gives a non-terrible thread that makes it easier to use.
It is considered the best embroidery thread for beginners.
It is completely safe and more convenient to use.
It stays tangle free and unbreakable.
It has super bright colors.
It works across different brand machines.
It's completely cheap and affordable.
Somehow, it causes problems while washing.
Try not to use bleach with these threads.
4. Floriani Embroidery Thread:
This Italian company has become popular with local exhibitors across the country over the past century. Most widely used Floriani is known for its wide range and is highly favored due to its mobile apps and desktop software. It is very shiny and stretchy.
Floriani embroidery thread
Floriani embroidery thread
Floriani polyester embroidery thread has 1000m to 5000m cones.
Gorgeous, high luster, high tensile embroidery floss designs in thousands of colors.
High strength and lubricant polyester embroidery thread will produce excellent products and give attractive color and enhance your end products.
Florian thread provides you with extraordinary resistance to chemical products and washing.
This thread also works amazing in machine quilting and decorative embroidery.
It has 1100 yard lengths of yarn.
No harmful chemicals are used in the production.
Each raw material is suitably tested.
It is completely waterproof.
All strings are internationally lab tested.
The threads are definitely water resistant but not sun resistant as the color starts to fade after a few washes due to the sun.
5.Mettler Poly Chin Polyester Embroidery Thread:
Mettler is known for its high quality and lustrous embroidery threads which have been exported to more than 100 countries. It has evolved into a household identity. It has been popular in the wholesale business for the past 30 years.

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