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Perfumes have historically been used primarily to help get rid of unwanted body odor and ensure you smell good all day long

Benefits of using perfume
A lot of people take a great deal of effort and time trying to look presentable, often attention is given to hair styling, clothes, and accessories, they are very good things for the sense of sight but what about the sense of smell, there are many different types of perfumes Which you can choose from, they are often available from different brands and manufacturers, and no matter what type of perfume you choose, it is undeniable that using perfumes has a lot of benefits, and here are some of them:


1. Sweet smell:
Perfumes have historically been used primarily to help get rid of unwanted body odor and ensure you smell good all day long

2. Improves mood:
One of the main benefits of using perfumes is to boost your mood. Fragrance helps to lift your spirits. You can also use perfumes that reflect your mood, to be better. There are many different types of scents for different moods, you can choose according to the occasion.

3. It boosts confidence.
Just like a nice dress, a good perfume can boost your self-confidence and ensure that you get rid of body odor and enjoy a sweet and beautiful scent. Choose the scent that suits your personality and that can boost your self-confidence to fight all odds.

4. It makes you attractive.
The sense of smell is one of the most important of the five senses. Sometimes, you can simply be attracted to someone because of their smell. Perfumes are rich in pheromones and make you attractive.

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5. Aphrodisiac:
Many perfumes sometimes act as natural aphrodisiacs. Certain types of perfume contain pheromones, which have aphrodisiac properties.

6. Promotes health:
There is no scientific evidence to ascertain the effectiveness of the health-promoting properties of perfumes, but perfumes help to enhance mood, which can keep stress, anxiety and other problems away. You can use your favorite perfume to get rid of anxiety and lift your spirits, which has a positive effect on your general health.


7. Reviving Memories:
Perfumes can also remind you of happy times. A particular perfume may affect your psychological state and remind you of good times that have passed. For example, some women wear their mother's perfume to revive memories. You can also buy new perfumes every time you travel. Different perfumes will remind you of every holiday.

8. Types of scents:
Perfumes have many benefits for relaxation and therapeutic benefits, so there are different scents for perfumes, including citrus, spices, and flowers, and some of them help calm the mind and calm the body, these perfumes guarantee control of stress levels


9. It cures headaches:
a surprise! Perfumes have another therapeutic effect. Using perfumes can help you treat annoying headaches. However, some perfumes that contain essential oils may cause headaches.

Secrets of the perfume industry
Since ancient times, man has been interested in perfumes, and the beginning was when he used to inhale the scents of flowers and roses and burn them along with the herbs with a good smell to get hold of the beautiful scent. In glass vessels for kings and priests, then the perfume industry gradually developed until it reached what it is now.

Perfumes are completely natural cosmetics, and they may be a mixture of nature with some industrial materials to add another feature to the fragrance, and suit all different tastes around the world. With other perfumes, due to its different and multiple quality and fragrances that everyone likes.

The difference between different perfumes: Not everything that has a scent is called perfume. There are different types, but we do not know them. The name depends on the concentration of essential oils inside the perfume.

First, if the percentage of essential oils ranges from 15% to 30%, and the rest is alcohol and other substances, here we call the substance that has a scent a perfume. Thirdly, if the percentage of essential oils ranges from 7% to 10% of essential oils only, here we call it toilet water and not perfume. Fourth, if the percentage of essential oils ranges from 2% to 7% only of essential oils, here we call it cologne water.

Perfume ingredients:
Perfumes consist of a mixture of aromatic vegetable oils, materials or animal raw materials, with some manufactured materials to fix the mixture or color, in addition to alcohol and water. Below we will talk about each component separately to reveal some of its secrets so that you are well aware of the perfume before buying it.

Aromatic vegetable oils: We get them from the petals of flowers as well as the wood of trees, in addition to the possibility of obtaining essential oils also from other parts of plants, including buds, leaves, date peels, and roots, and sometimes we can use the whole plant, and one of the most important plants that are used in Perfumes: cinnamon, rosemary, rose, sandalwood, musk and lavender. Vegetable oils can be extracted from plants in many ways, the most important of which is steam distillation, boiling the plant in boiling water or using the traditional soaking process.

Animal raw materials: There are many sources of animal materials, such as custard, which is a fatty substance that can be obtained from the Jerusalem animal, as it is material that is sorted directly and experts extract it, and from animal materials as well

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