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How to invest in bonds

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Government bonds are now available to investors of all sizes, including small investors. Buying government bonds in India has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the National Stock Exchange's (NSE) mobile app and web-based software (National Stock Exchange). "NSE goBID" is the name of the NSE app for purchasing government bonds. The National Stock Exchange makes a mobile application as well as a web-based platform available to its consumers. When you purchase government bonds through these platforms, you are purchasing them directly from the government.

What exactly can you purchase using these platforms?

You may use these platforms to purchase the following types of bonds:

Lengthy-term government bonds are bonds that can be held for a long period of time, ranging from 5 to 40 years.

T-bills are Treasury bills that can be held for a period of less than one year.

Here's how and why you should consider investing in government bonds.

The registration process on NSE goBID must be completed in order to be able to purchase these government bonds. The registration process is a straightforward one that may be completed online.

When considering a bond platform in India to make a purchase, here are a few things to learn beforehand:

A Brief History of bonds in India:

Prior to November 2017, small investors and the general public were unable to purchase Government Securities (G-Secs), such as bonds and Treasury bills. G-secs became more readily available to the general public after the Reserve Bank of India established the "Non-competitive Bidding Facility."

Bond is G-secs

Bonds, often known as T-bills, are government-sponsored securities (G-secs) issued by the government of India for the purpose of borrowing money from investors. Large investors include institutions such as banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, trusts, and corporations; smaller investors include HNIs, NRIs, HUF members, and people who are not affiliated with any institution.

Previously, the G-sec market was primarily available to large institutional investors such as banks, insurance firms, and mutual fund organizations. It was a challenging process for small investors to make their first bond investment. Furthermore, because the big players would be dealing with higher volumes, the little investors would be unable to compete with them during the auctioning process. As a result of the non-competitive bidding method established by the RBI, small investors and individuals were able to buy bonds through the NSE goBID app, with the minimum amount of the bond being Rs.10,000. The process was made feasible by the RBI. The bond will be delivered to the investors at the weighted average rate, and they will not be required to participate in the auction.

Government bonds provide security while also generating a consistent stream of income. Another factor that encourages many people to invest in government bonds is the fact that the interest earned on certain types of government bonds is not subject to federal income tax. Those who are in the highest tax bracket will find this to be an extremely beneficial option.