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avnit shirke
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Different Poker Actions and How To Use Them

If you are someone who is a beginner in the poker industry, here is one tip for you: you need to be well versed with the actions and how they work. It may seem easy to understand them, but familiarizing yourself with the usage techniques can be quite a task. One can use the actions several times in one game and can win ample times.
The basic actions in a poker game include:


Many beginners tend to avoid this action as they may think that folding is a sign of weakness. Folding is a very natural process used in the game of poker. If you use all your cards that you dealt you might end up losing your money real quick. So, when you have a hand that isn’t really good then in situations like these you would want to fold and if you are very far from the stakes you would fold before getting trapped. Now, let's suppose you are in an online game and you got only 10 seconds to decide whether to fold or not, then at a time if you are confident that the opponent has better cards than you, you should fold.


This is something that beginners mostly tend to overlook. There is a minimum amount that you can bet and it's even set as the default but one should keep in mind that betting less isn’t going to provide you with any protection. Other players also tend to do the same with makes it a very obvious bluff. In this case, if you slowly start drawing others money can be great and you can win a lot of money.


In this case, you place a higher bet than the bet someone has already placed, by doing this you have re-raised the bet. By this action, you are showing that you have pretty good cards or you may be bluffing. So, if your opponent raises and you know he is bluffing and you even have a stronger hand you re-raise. This step leads to winning the pot even if there wasn’t any bluff.


This can be the most useful action. When you check-raise, you check on a good hand (one that you could have safely raised on) and hope that someone who comes after you raises.


Checking is considered a very weak move. Check in poker means that you have passed when other people haven’t even placed the bid. This happens mostly when you have already placed the minimum bid and all others have done the same or may have folded. The main reason that people check is so that they can see the next card for free-- especially if they're on a drawing hand, where the value of their hand is dependent on whether or not the right card hits.


This is very similar to checking. You basically are letting your betting chance but the difference is, here you call when someone has done the betting. This shows your weakness or your confusion about your cards.

All these were the basic actions that can be taken in a poker game. Hopefully, they turn out to be pretty helpful in your next game,

P.S- The key to master these actions is PRACTICE PRACTICE and PRACTICE.