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MMOexp: Removed substitutions from actuality unnecessarily listed

The Objectives notification figure was not consistently arresting afterwards departure and re-entering Ultimate Team.The Band Battles agenda did not affectation a antagonism timer.Removed substitutions from FIFA 24 Coins actuality unnecessarily listed in SBC requirements.Sometimes, SBC requirements displayed akin club names.Some Objectives did not affectation their accomplishment deadline.After claiming an Cold reward, the notification figure was sometimes still present.

Stadium Anniversary Backpack openings in Ultimate Aggregation were constant in an adventitious activity with placeholder text.Addressed an affair that could accept impacted Change Amateur Anniversary selection.Sometimes, the Objectives notification figure did not arise breadth intended.A adherence affair could accept occurred aback interacting with an abandoned squad.

[PS5/XBSX|S Only] Afterward a attenuate UI flow, the Band agenda adjustment did not activity as expected.[PS5 Only] Beneath some specific Camera Settings, the advertisement amalgamation did not consistently affectation afterwards scoring a ambition in Analysis Rivals.[PS4/XB1 Only] Aback accepting a assertive accumulated of red cards in a Friendlies Survival match, it was not accessible to FIFA 24 Coins for sale beforehand accomplished the post-match screens.📷

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