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MMOexp: Advise others to plump for the special packs

The squad is worth 50 million coins, and only one player – Ronaldinho, no less – is first owned, meaning pulled directly from a pack, with every other player in the first 11 being bought from the transfer market. We’re talking Ronaldo (Nazário), Cruyff, Gullit, Maldini, Van der Sar. The only non-Icons to FIFA 24 Coins make the team are meta staple Ferland Mendy, and Barcelona Femení’s Caroline Hansen. The bench is no less stacked, with Mbappe and Zinedine Zidane not even making the first team.

The anonymous player believes they’ve opened around 500 packs in the three months since the game released, advising others to plump for the special packs in the store rather than wasting their points on regular packs – “I feel like the higher ticket packs give out more,” they say.

While they have had some luck with the likes of tradeable Thunderstruck Ronaldinho and Trailblazers Mbappe (the latter of whom has presumably been sold), they attribute most of their coin earnings to opening lots of packs in the early stages of the game and selling rare gold players. Lionel Messi is one such example, who sold for around 250,000 coins in the game’s earliest days and now sits at 50,000. Opening packs earlier in the year gives you more coins to buy FIFA 24 Coins work with for the rest of the season.

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