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MMOexp: Acquire a arrangement of packs

The TOTY Warmup Alternation has been an anniversary absolution in FUT aback FIFA 22. It is a abbreviate accident that makes it accessible for you to banal up on FIFA 24 Coins packs accessible for the Aggregation of the Year promo.

By commutual assorted Objectives and SBCs, you will be able to acquire a arrangement of packs, accepting your club in adjustment afore some of the best-rated cards hit the game!

Of course, you can accessible these packs beeline away, however, it is acutely best to save them for TOTY! With a agglomeration of packs adored up, it will accord you added opportunities to get one of the new promo items from the Aggregation of the Year promo, which will accommodate a Men’s XI, Women’s XI, 12th Players, Honourable Mentions, and TOTY Icons!

You can booty a attending at all the rumoured players advancing during the accident on our FC 24 TOTY Leaks page.

As able-bodied as assorted agency to acquire packs, circadian Figure SBCs will be bottomward throughout the Warm Up Series!

All the agreeable arise as allotment of the TOTY Warm Up Alternation is as follows:

TOTY Warm Up ObjectivesTOTY Circadian PlayTOTY Circadian Comedy CompletionistTOTY Circadian Login Advancement SBCTOTY Warm Up SBCsDaily Login Upgrade83 x5 Attackers UpgradeAdditional ContentThierry Henry Figure SBC (91 OVR)Icon Advancement EvolutionTOTY Warm Up Alternation FAQsCan you get TOTY cards from adored packs?

Yes, if you accept packs adored from afore the Aggregation of cheap FC 24 Coins the Year accident in FC 24, you will be able to get TOTY items from them.📷

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