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What To Do For Canon Printer Factory Reset Settings

When you reset the Canon printer, you can easily deal with every issue. In order to run the reset on canon printers, you need to run the power cycle, run a hard reset, and then reset the ink levels as well.

Hard reset

When you are seeing the error again and again, then it is time that you are going for the Canon printer hard reset. Although the process is very easy and it is going to return the printer to the default factory settings.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to locate the stop button on the printer and press it until you hear the alarming sound.
  • Release the button and you are going to see that you will erase all the settings from the printer and the printer will be restored to the new settings.

Power reset

Before doing the hard reset, you need to begin with the power reset that is going to clear all the temporary issues of communication. The first thing that you need to do here is to unplug the wire from the printer after switching it off.

  • Also, make sure that you are removing the ethernet cord to disconnect the printer completely from the PC.
  • After that, you need to wait at least a minute. After the minute is over, plug all the cables back.
  • All the cables are going to include the power cable as well as the ethernet cable.

In most cases, this step has been proven to be very beneficial. It is going to clear all the printer issues. If you are still not able to resolve this issue, then you can move from the next step.

Ink-level reset

This is among the most common issues that is going to occur in the printer. Some people are going to see that the canon printer will give an inappropriate reading of the ink level. This is going to interrupt the printing process and the printer will assume that the ink is not just enough for the process.

The level must update automatically and if it is failing to do so, then there is something that you must do to troubleshoot the issue. You need to manually reset the ink so that your printer resumes to work again.

How to Reset Canon Printer to Factory Settings?

How to reset the Canon printer? You can factory reset your printer by pressing the ‘Setup’ button while the printer is on. Next, go to Device Settings> press ok> Reset Settings> press ok> Reset all and press ok. Finally, select the ‘Yes’ option to factory reset your Canon printer.

Keep reading to learn about resetting the Canon and Canon Pixma printers to factory settings and how to reset the ink cartridges.

There are different types of Canon printers, one of them is the Pixma printer. These Canon Pixma printers produce beautiful, brilliant, and high-quality images. These are one of the preferred printers worldwide for their fantastic features.

Here’s how to reset the Canon Pixma printer to factory settings.

  1. Firstly, turn on your Pixma printer and then navigate to the device settings after opening up the menu.
  2. Once you open the device settings, you will see the ‘resetting‘ option. Make sure you click ‘ok‘ so that your device can begin with the resetting process right away.
  3. Next, you have to turn off your Pixma printer. Besides, make sure that you hold the printer’s power button along with the stop button for a while.
  4. Next, you have to release the stop button after a while. Then press the stop button again twice. Please make sure you do not let go of the power button while you release and press the stop button.
  5. Almost after 30 seconds, you will see an ‘O’ on your printer’s screen. Once you see this ‘O,’ the next thing you have to do is press the stop button four times.
  6. Afterward, you have to press the power button twice and then one more time for the last time to turn it off and finish the reset process.

Canon printers continue to rule over users’ hearts owing to excellent services and unique features. Besides, a few issues with every machinery device is pretty much understandable. However, resetting your Canon printer may solve many problems quickly, but you must ensure that you perform the reset as mentioned in this guide.

Complete Guide on Canon Pixma Printer MG2520 Setup

Know How to Setup Canon Pixma Printer mg2520

  • Once you’re done with the purchasing of the Canon Pixma mg2520 setup, ensure that it is properly secured
  • Unboxed and check if all the parts of the printer are present or not
  • Now, remove the packaging cover and place it on a flat surface and peel off the protective pads of the printer
  • Connect the power cord with the Canon Pixma mg2520 installation printer and power supply port
  • Provide power to the printer by clicking the energy key, and unpack the ink cartridges of the printer
  • Now, open the front door of the printer
  • Insert the corresponding slots in the cartridges
  • Once done with the above steps, load the documents sufficiently with their print panel facing up into the entry panel
  • Lastly, execute a print test to check if the installation is done properly or not

These steps will surely help the Canon Pixma mg2520 Printer buyers in the setup. However, something that is really amazing about this printer is the printing size of 4800*600 dpi. This kind of resolution helps the device to function appropriately every time. It is one of the best Canon Printers, which offers the highest performance printing outcomes that will surely surprise the users.

Know How to Install Canon Pixma mg2520 on Mac

  • Primarily, power off your Canon Pixma mg2520 setup in case it is turned on
  • Disconnect the USB cable when the Pixma printer is attached
  • Download the latest release of the Canon Pixma Printer software on your Mac device
  • Once you’re done with the downloading, install the printer driver and unpack the printer package’s USB cable
  • Now, link the cable to the printer port and energy supply, and provide power to the Canon Pixma mg2520 setup. Opt for the technique of attachment as connected and attach the equipment to your laptop

Learn How to Turn Canon Pixma mg2520 Wireless

  • Firstly, use the power key to start up the Canon Pixma mg2520 installation printer.
  • Click on the Setup choice nestled on the Canon Printer’s application board.
  • Tap on wireless LAN setup.
  • Opt for an easy setup option.
  • Now, tap on your router’s name and enter your WEP key. Go ahead with the method by pressing the OK button. Install the printer software on your desktop or notebook, and in the end, select the Network Use Printer choice while the printer engine is installed.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and complete your Canon Pixma mg2520 setup cable configuration.

The above steps are the appropriate solution to the people searching the answer for how to connect Canon mg2520 Printer to Wifi.