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Opt These Things to Setup New Linksys Extender

Linksys Extenders increases the strength and coverage of your home Wifi. It detects the signal from your router before sending it to your devices for example computer, laptop or mobile to boost the coverage of your network. Hence, it provides wifi connectivity in hard-to-reach areas and ejects al the dead zones. By following the below-given guide, you can easily install your Linksys Extender Setup Instructions.

There are two ways to configure your Linksys Extender- Manual Method and WPS Method.

Method 1: Linksys Extender Configuration Via Manual Method

Plug the Range Extender to the Power Source:

  1. Attach the extra antennas of your extender perfectly. The antennas must be in an upright position for getting the best internet speed.
  2. Now, find a midway where you can place your extender. It should be in between your router and the area without Wifi.
  3. After that, take a power cable. Then, you need to insert the one end of the power cable to the port of the extender and another end to the electrical outlet.

Check the Status of Your Extender:

You can monitor the status of your extender by checking its LED lights. The power LED lights must be solid and properly lit.

Build a Connection Between the Extender and Your Device:

  1. To perform Linksys Extender Setup through the website, you have to link the extender with the computer, laptop or mobile device.
  2. If you want to set a wireless connection, find the default name of your extender i.e. Linksys Extender Setup in the Wifi list and click Connect.
  3. But for a wired setup, you need to acquire an ethernet cable. Then, plug the one end of the cable to the extender and another end o the computer.

Setup your Linksys Extender Through the Website:

  1. To access the Linksys Extender Setup page, you can open any web browser such as Chrome, Safari, etc. on your device.
  2. After that, type extender. linksys. com in the address bar and hit Enter on your keyboard. Rather than, you can use the default IP address of the range extender i.e 192. 168. 1. 1.
  3. Now, the Linksys login page will come into view. Here, you are supposed to type “admin” in the password field and press Login.
  4. This will launch the Linksys Extender Setup page. Click on the End User License Agreement link and then read the whole document carefully. To proceed further and for Linksys Extender Setup, tick the checkbox “I accept the End User License Agreement”.
  5. Also, for automatic software updates, select the checkbox given there.
  6. In the next window, the user will be provided with an option to select between “As a wireless Range Extender” or “As a wired Range Extender”. So, choose one of the options according to your preference.
  7. This will launch the Wireless Network window on your computer screen. Select your network name(SSID) from the available list of Wifi that is in range.
  8. After that, you need to provide the wireless password that you have set for your wifi. After entering the password, click Next.
  9. With this, you will see a window of Extender Configuration on which you have to change the default settings of your extender. So, provide a new extender name and password into their respective fields and click Next.
  10. As your extender comes with Spot Finder Technology, it will help you to find the exact and correct location for your extender. So place your extender in the right position as guided by this technology. But you can also choose to skip this step by clicking on the Connect Anyway button.
  11. Now, it will show you the Secure your range extender screen. Do the following:
    The user will have to provide an admin password that must be strong enough to block unauthorized access.
    Also, confirm the password by typing it again into the next field.
    Now, you will be given an option to provide a hint to your password for remembering your password.
    After that, press the Next button.
  12. Finally, you will see the Setup complete window on your screen which specifies that Your Linksys setup.

Method 2: Wifi Protected System Method

WPS Method is useful in establishing a strong connection between the extender and devices. Either, you can use the WPS physical button given on the router or access the extender.linksys.com website.

Using the WPS Button:

  1. Plug the Extender to the power outlet and assure that it is properly connected.
  2. After that, press the WPS button on your extender. You will find this button on the front-side of your extender.
  3. Also, the LED lights of your extender should blink.
  4. After checking the lights, you have to press the WPS button on your router.
  5. The WPS light will turn color to solid green when the connection between your router and extender gets established.

By Providing the WPS Pin or Router’s Pin:

  1. Launch any web browser and carefully type extender. linksys. com in the address bar.
  2. This will open the Linksys Extender Setup page on your screen. Here you will have to click on the Wireless tab which is provided to you at the top of the page.
  3. To proceed further, you are required to select the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” radio button.
  4. After that, enter your WPS PIN or Router’s PIN into the given fields as per your preference.
  5. Then, click on the Register button.
  6. To make sure that the connection is established, check the LED light on your extender. If it is stable and properly lit, your extender is now connected to the router.

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