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Jasmin Bora
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How You Can Reset Your Canon Printer Easily

Although Canon printers are known for their reliability, you can expect yours to glitch every once in a while. If you deal with a lot of devices, you likely encounter runtime errors every now and then. Sometimes, the problem will be solved by turning the printer off and on again. Other times, you’ll have to reset your Canon printer to factory settings.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can reset your Canon printer easily and for different purposes.

How to Reset Your Canon Printer to Factory Settings

Canon printer reset settings allows you to customize it all over again and hopefully solve persisting issues. But bear in mind that you’ll have to connect it to your network and set it up all over again.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Switch the printer on and open its menu
  2. Click on Setup
  3. Keep moving the arrow until you see ‘Device Settings,’ and press on it
  4. Move the arrow again until you see Reset Settings or Reset to Factory Settings, and click on it
  5. A full list will open with multiple options. Look for ‘Reset All’ and click on it
  6. The device will ask whether you want to proceed; click Yes
  7. Your printer should now be reset to factory settings and ready for setup

How to Reset a Canon Printer’s Power

If you want to reset your Canon printer without getting it back to factory settings, there’s an easy way to do it. Sometimes, resetting the power is the only way to fix a glitch or let the printer work normally.

Here are the steps:

  1. Turn the printer off and unplug all the connected wires
  2. Leave the printer for a few minutes, then reconnect the USB and power cable
  3. Click on the Power button, leaving your finger on it for a few second
  4. When the light is blinking, lift your finger
  5. Your printer should turn on now

How to Reset Your Canon Printer’s Ink Cartridges

Sometimes, the printer won’t work when you install an ink cartridge. The problem may be due to different reasons, but the first thing you should do is reset the printer. The same also goes if your printer is showing glitches or unnecessary stops.

Here are detailed steps to reset your Canon printer without getting it back to its factory settings:

  1. Switch the printer off, but keep it plugged in
  2. Press the Stop button and the Power button simultaneously
  3. Remove your finger off the Stop button for a few seconds
  4. Press on the Stop button again while still pressing on the Power button
  5. Repeat the previous steps two times
  6. The printer should now show the letter O on its screen
  7. Press on the Stop button four times, then press on Power twice
  8. Press on the Power button one long-click to turn the printer off
  9. Release the USB cables to reset the ink cartridges
  10. Open the cartridge’s door while pressing Power simultaneously
  11. Connect the cables again and close the cartridge door, then lift your finger off the Power button

How to Reset a Canon Wireless Printer

If you own a wireless Canon printer, your resetting process will be a bit different.

Here are the needed steps:

  1. Click on the Wireless icon on your printer
  2. Click on Network, then click on Wireless
  3. Choose ‘On’ to open the Wireless Setup Wizard
  4. When the Setup Wizard opens, click on Continue
  5. Click on Ok, then write your printer’s password
  6. Click Ok, then follow the on-screen instructions for resetting

Lean the Steps for Printer Driver Download by via ij.start.canon

For ij.start.cannon setup, first download the printer driver by following the given illustrative procedure.

  1. First, navigate to ij.start.cannon. This is the official website of Canon and a secure platform from where you can simply download the Canon Printer Drivers. So to begin, open a compatible and extremely-protected web browser. Type ij.start.cannon correctly in the address bar and by pressing the Enter key, you will instantly be taken to the homepage of Canon.
  2. To get started with the printer driver download process, click on the Setup tab and the Product Name window will be visible on your screen. As Canon recommends distinct software for your particular printer model, you must specify your model number by entering it in the search field. Click on the Go button and the product download window will turn up on your screen.
  3. To confirm that the driver you are going to download is compatible with your operating system, you have to choose between different OS versions. Hence, go to the OS field which is positioned at the upper-right corner, and select an appropriate OS. You will spot the Download button at the center of the screen, click on it for a quick and fast download.
  4. In accordance with your WiFi speed, the driver will be downloaded in just a few minutes. Also, it is suggested not to flip between different screens as it may create issues in downloading the software. When download processing ends, carry forward to the next stage for ij.start.canon setup.

Step-by-Step Guidelines for Installing the Printer Driver

Here is the concise and complete procedure of printer driver installation for usa.canon.com setup:

  1. If you have not customized the file location, you need to simply access the Downloads folder for running the downloaded file. Double-click on the ij.start.cannon setup file and click Run for quickly extracting the files.
  2. Canon driver setup main interface will be viewed on your screen. Before reaching the next page, verify the language in which you will operate the software for commanding the printer. Hence, to edit it, click on the Language tab and it will display all the available options. Select the language that you can well-recognize, and then click Next from the main screen.
  3. Now, you need to set up a connection between your printer and computer. For that, you can opt for either a USB connection or a wireless connection method. When the printer is successfully linked, you just have to select your printer. Based on your printer model, it will display the driver and other additional software lists.
  4. Enable the desired checkboxes of the software package. Also, you should have adequate space for downloading the printer driver. If your computer does not have enough space, uninstall some of the unwanted programs from your system. Now, tap the Next button and move further for http ij start canon setup.
  5. The License agreement window will turn up on your screen. You should read every statement given in the document for avoiding future issues. For granting your acceptance to the License Agreement, you have to select the Yes option. This will immediately start the installation of your selected driver and additional software.
  6. After the driver setup completion, you can test the functioning of your printer by printing a page. To do so, the printer tray must consist of some A4 size pages. Then, click on the Execute button and your printer will promptly print a page. This concludes the driver setup via ij.start.cannon.