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How to Find the Best Car Storage Provider in Melbourne

How to Find the Best Car Storage Provider in Melbourne

Lots of people all over the world develop a deep emotional bond with their cars and, in fact, this is a very normal behavior. We humans strive to identify ourselves with anyone or anything that we have a connection with such as family, friends, pets, a favorite bag, smartphone, house, or in this case - a favorite car. There comes a time in your life when you need to transport your favorite car to long distances that driving them there yourself would be impractical and unsafe. The best thing to do is to hire a great car storage provider to do it for you!

What to Expect from the Best Car Storage Company in Melbourne

Having invested much in your car both financially and emotionally, you would want to hire a car storage company whose only goal is to keep your car safe at all times. That’s whether they’ll pick it up, while it is in transit, or when they’ll deliver it at the specified location of your choice. In order to find the car storage provider with the best services, here are a few things you need to look for:

● Private car storage units of various sizes are available for lease

● They offer personalised car pickup and delivery services

● Customised outdoor Car storage options

● Protective materials for your vehicle is also available for free

● Their storage facility is protected by 24/7 CCTV and alarm systems to ensure your vehicle is safe and secure

What are the Security Measures and Safety Procedures in Car Storage Containers

Because cars cost several thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars, they are often vulnerable to theft and according to a recent survey a passenger/light commercial vehicle is stolen approximately every 11 minutes in Australia. It’s understandable that you’ve made a significant investment in your car and obviously, you wouldn’t want to lose it in a grand theft auto crime scenario. Therefore, you need to work with a car storage company that has your best interest in mind.

Having said that, here are some security measures that a car storage company should offer:

● Enclosed and secure transportation - when in transit on a door-to-door delivery, the car storage unit has to be enclosed and with padlocks to ensure safety and security. The car storage company must also use padlock protectors, so that the storage unit will not be broken into by thieves.

● Garage keepers insurance - the storage company should have garage insurance to ensure that you get some kind of financial compensation, in case something happens while your car is stored in their facility. You can also get additional coverage on your own on top of that.

● Secure vehicle storage personal access - it may take a long time before you can relocate your car to your new house, because the garage is still being built, and naturally, you will miss driving your car. So it’s highly likely that you’ll want to get it out of storage and take it out for a spin. The storage company should offer you easy access to your car whenever you need it.

● Secure indoor car storage security aspects - look for a storage company that offers several cutting-edge security measures on-site that discourage and prevent theft, burglary, and other crimes.

● Gated access - since ancient times, people understood why they needed high walls and fortified gates. Today storage companies will most definitely need a gate at their car storage garage facility to control traffic in the area. Without a gate, the vehicles that are stored in their garage will be less secured.

● Lighting - keeping the storage facility well-lighted has many advantages including aiding the CCTV monitoring system to have great visibility of the area while recording day to day activities. Deter burglars and thieves from breaking into the place, and help guards, staff and you the customer to find your storage unit easily.

● On-site monitoring - storage companies should have an on-site manager/security guard who may spend at least 8 hours a day in the garage. In some cases, they hire 3 on-site managers and be on 3-shift rotations. Sometimes on-site managers even live on the site.

● Alarm-guarded units - including an alarm system in the overall security architecture of the storage facility is an excellent idea in beefing up security measures.

● Motion sensors - while you may consider this as overkill, it can help reinforce the security measures implemented in the storage company’s garage. This is especially when one or more security systems goes offline and motion sensors would be a big help in detecting intrusions.

Signs of a Good Car Storage Company

When looking for a Shipping Container Hire to help put your car in storage while you’re relocating to another place, you need to make sure that the storage company you work with is trustworthy.

To help you find a good car storage company, look for these things in them:

1. Finding and doing business with them should be easy. All their phone numbers and emails are clearly visible and can be reached without any issues. They should even have a chat support system on their site, in case a customer wants to do a quick chat in order to make inquiries about their services.

2. They should have a customer-centered business approach. Their number 1 priority is you, the customer. All their services, pricing plans, insurance coverage and protection of your property and other features are meant to serve your interest. It should never be just about making money.

3. Professional and well-trained staff. Their staff should be trained and certified in loading vehicles into shipping containers. They must be competent enough to ensure that your car won’t ever get a scratch while they pick it up, in transit, or when they’ll deliver it to your location.

4. Good customer reviews. A good car storage company does only 50% of the marketing, because the other 50% are done by theri satisfied customers who does it via word-of-mouth marketing.

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