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Top 5 QR Code Scanner Apps For Android

Most of the new smartphones are coming with in built QR code scanner applications. But some don't offer this applications. So most users resort to secondary installations. Luckily, there are plenty of dedicated QR code scanner apps for Android on the PlayStore. Of course, not all of them are ad-free and equally beautiful, so make sure to use the most suitable one for your needs.

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If you're looking for a quality QR code scanner for Android, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll review 5 of the best QR code scanner apps on Android. With them, you can scan any type of code and instantly see what it says. Moreover, these apps have built-in QR code generators so that you can create QR codes of various items. They also come with a history section, so you can quickly see the codes you've already generated and have even saved. However, users should be aware of the repetition of in-app advertisements on this app. Below is the list of QR code scanner apps.

QR Code Reader -

This is an excellent QR code scanner app that works with a variety of barcodes, including those that are reversed in color. Users can save the scanned QR codes to their device and access them later for comparison purposes. The app also works with custom-made QR codes and reversed colors. Besides scanning barcodes, it also has a history panel so you can view the codes you scanned. This app is available for free on the Play Store, but it comes with ads. it's also support flashlight for low light scans. Version -3.4.8 is currently active, And this app has over 10cr. downloads.

QR & Barcode Reader-

This is another barcode reader app available on PlayStore with some great features. It provide the ease of Open URLs, connect with Wi-Fi hotspot, geo information, calendar events, phone call can also read V cards. One of the best part is you don't need to give storage permission for scanning an image. Like wise sharing contact can be done without giving access to your contact list. One can create custom URL for website and that can be scanned by other devices. It's current version is 2.7.4-L & this app also have more then 10cr downloads.

Kaspersky QR Code Scanner-

The Kaspersky QR Code Scanner is a free and easy-to-use app from a leading cybersecurity company. This app can scan any QR code you find, and helps you protect your device from malicious QR code linked sites. The app also features a History tab for re-visiting a site associated with a QR code you've scanned. You can also protect yourself from malicious QR codes with Kaspersky's QR code scanner. This app has currently 50lakhs + downloads.

QR Easy-

Another free QR code scanner is QR Easy. This app can scan all kinds of QR codes and decode text messages and website URLs. It also supports flashlight and auto-zoom. Lastly, this app offers a scan history for every QR code you've scanned. While it's free, it's also ad-free option. With the free version, you'll never be bombarded with ads, and the app is lightweight and easy to use. Required Android5.0 and above android OS.

QR Droid-

QR Droid application is developed by Droidla on 8-dec-2010, it provides you the ease of sync data automatically in google drive. You don't need to save it on your local system. In the latest update more user friendly UI is introduced. One can scan a code from magazine and immediately can see the video on web. Mark location at your device and share with your friend and you don't need to type. Over all a decent application , One must go for this. 5Cr+ downloads are already done.


Almost all applications are providing the same functionalities, it depends upon user choice which one to prefer and which one is easy to use and recommendable. If you are looking to sell old mobile phone. You should opt for cash2phone for best service.