Armando Crandell
Armando Crandell
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Why is America failing its political parties?

The two major American political parties have been in constant decline since the 1920s. There has been a steady decline in trust between the people of America and the government. A powerful ideology has crept into the fabric of the country and is at the root of all this. It is now a cancerous philosophical plague.

Let me give you a detailed explanation.

In the late 1800s, political parties were already a certainty. Despite numerous warnings against them, they continued to thrive. As a base for building coalitions, groups are formed. Let's say you want legislation to be passed, particularly if it is a major, widely impactful law. Legislators and voters must reach a consensus before they can be elected to office. As political ideologies grew, early presidents made bold decisions and lawmakers and voters chose sides.

The country's conservative party political consciousness began to shift in the 1920s. This resulted in the rise of conservatism today, represented by the Republican Party and progressive liberalism, as well as the Democratic Party. Liberal thinkers embraced a new philosophy that the government would view the people as a source for sovereignty.

Literature and school civics lessons had taught America that it was a "Republic" before Woodrow Wilson (D) changed the term. The administration created a new system of governance. To change the way America works, they created "managers" by using two methods.

They first created government boards and appointed highly educated individuals to them. These government board members were considered "moral" because of their education. This meant that they would be more concerned about society than elected officials. They were charged with limiting private business greed by creating rules and regulations.

They would also control consumption and production, and manage international trade. To create a more equitable society, the goal was to distribute profits to redistribute wealth.

In 1932, President Franklin D. Roosevelt stated during his " Commonwealth address", that there would be an entirely new social contract. The government would be given power by the people, while the government would grant rights to the citizens.

This changed America. This kind of thinking was strongly opposed by the Declaration of Independence. It stated that God guarantees the rights of all people. This was a dramatic and rapid change for society, government and both political parties.

We can now see America's 1920s reframe.

How did this inheritance result in two failed political parties in America today?

I will start with Democrats, then move on to discussing Republicans.

It took time for the political shift to take place from the 1920s and 30s. The philosophies of both parties changed as the older guards who taught republicanism's traditional ideals faded.

Democrats and Republicans have always argued over economics, war and peace. Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign was almost entirely focused on economics. He ran for president on issues such as public school choice, balanced budget amendments, opposition to illegal immigrants, and support of NAFTA.

These are all contrary to the Democratic Party of today. The party has been digging deeper into the political philosophy that was established 100 years ago since 2008. The role of economics has changed from creating a prosperous society, to using cultural issues as a means to remove prosperity under the pretense of "equity".

This is something I have written about extensively. Equity refers to the process of income distribution under the pretext of social justice in order to create a more just society. This would be socialism in any other context.

Democrats use identity politics to justify their equity agenda. They include race, gender and transgender, as well as abortion rights.