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Armando Crandell
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What are the benefits of refillable vape pens?

If you are a new vaper, it is likely that you use an e-cigarette that comes with prefilled cartridges or pods. If that's the case, then you may be using disposable vapes. You are most likely using one or more of these types of vaping devices. You probably purchased your first vape at a traditional tobacco store such as a convenience or supermarket. This is the same place you bought your cigarettes.

You'll see other vapers if you look around. However, none of them are using disposable vapes, or prefilled pods. All of them are using refillable vape cartridges. What is the point of this? And, more importantly, why should you use a refillable vape cartridge?

You'll soon find out that our answer is "yes." We only make refillable vapes because we believe that they will provide a better vaping experience in every way than pre-filled devices.

What are the advantages of refillable vape pens? Let's dig in.

A refillable vape gives you the best flavor selection

The greatest benefit to using a refillable cheap vapes in Cyprus system is the fact that you can use any eliquid available instead of only a few that are available for proprietary devices with pre-filled pods. We encourage you to visit a brick-and mortar vape shop if you haven't done so before. There are hundreds to thousands of e-liquid flavors in a typical vape shop. You can also use any flavor with a refillable pod system, or a vape pen. There are a lot of different flavors that you can choose from.

A refillable pod vape does not only allow you to enjoy more vape juice flavors. You'll also be able to enjoy e-liquids with better taste and greater quality. E-liquid manufacturers around the globe are constantly pushing the boundaries to create new flavors that no one has ever tried. Before e-liquids were made for pre-filled pods, the world's first e-liquids with cereal, custard, and doughnut flavors appeared in bottled form. Pre-filled vape devices don't have as many exotic flavors as these. Pre-filled vape devices typically have one-note flavors like fruit, mint, tobacco. While a simple vaping experience is pleasant, you will want to purchase a refillable vape pen or pod system if you want to have the full creative range offered by the best e-liquid manufacturers.

A refillable vape cartridge will give you better flavor quality

The best refillable pod vapes offer a significantly better flavor than pre-filled pods. Pre-filled pod systems typically have a very small atomizer coil, which produces tiny clouds of vapor. Pre-filled vape pods often use silica wires which can impart a plastic-like taste.

A refillable pod vape can feel more like a Cigarette

A vaping device that comes with pre-filled pods has one limitation: it can't have the same mouthfeel as a traditional tobacco cigarette. The pods are filled at the factory with e-liquid and must be strong enough to withstand shipping around the globe. It's therefore necessary to make them from hard plastic. Although this may not be a problem for some, it will never give you an experience like smoking.

A refillable vape pen gives you a more satisfying vaping experience

You may be able to find refill pods in different nicotine strengths if you have a refillable vaping device. It's possible that you have wondered who buys the lower-strength refill pods. Your experience with higher-strength pods is not enough to make you quit smoking. You'd be tempted to smoke again if you switched to a lower nicotine level.

Refillable vapes are different from pre-filled vapes in that they offer greater overall satisfaction. Our refillable pod systems offer the same types and sizes of atomizer coils as a full-fledged tank. This is a great benefit for flavor, but it doesn't stop there.