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Armando Crandell
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Tips on How to Wear a Silicone Bra

While silicone stick-on bras look great under a backless dress, are they being worn correctly? This is a quick guide to help you achieve the perfect shape underneath your red carpet gown.

1. Clean and dry

Make sure you have clean, dry skin. To remove any body oil or residue, wash your breasts with mild soap. Use a soft towel to gently rub your skin. Before wearing a silicon bra, do not apply any powders, oils or lotions to your chest.

2. Mirror view

You can achieve a more symmetrical look by standing in front of the mirror wearing a bra with a stick.

3. One at the time

Turn the cups upside down and place one cup at the angle you prefer. Then, repeat the process with the second cup. For a snuger fit, clip both cups together.

4. Find your angle

You can position the silicone cups at different angles depending on your neckline. For a larger cleavage, push your breasts together. Then paste the cups side-by-side. Finally, clip it on to create a push-up effect. For a more defined silhouette check crossdresser bodysuit, raise your bra higher than normal. It may take a few tries to get the perfect fit and shape. It's possible to master the skill after a few tries.

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5. Get it smooth!

Use your fingertips to smoothen the edges of silicone cups. For a seamless finish, remove all wrinkles and lines.


Avoid silicone bras

  • If you have sensitive skin
  • If adhesive causes irritation.
  • Open cuts, skin conditions, sun damage, or pigmented skin are all possible.
  • It should not be worn for longer than six hours.

A silicone bra is an excellent alternative to a regular Bra. They're comfortable and provide great support. We have demonstrated how to wear one if you've never tried it before. There are many silicone bras that can give you the lift and support you need. This post will help you to choose the right style for you and show you how to wear it. You can enhance your bust with silicone bras, no matter if you're wearing casual clothes or out on the town. What are you waiting to do? Get started shopping today for the perfect style!

Most women love the backless trend. Women flaunt their well-shaped and flawless back in backless dresses/blouses/gowns to look sizzling hot and appealing. Before you go out in a backless dress, make sure the bra straps are not visible or hanging down from your dress. This silicone bra works well with strapless or backless outfits. The silicone bra features a self-adhesive silicone that provides comfort and natural shape. It also has a front closure to allow for lift and cleavage. The silicone bra sticks to the body because of its adhesive nature, which is contrary to strapless bras that often slide and slip.