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How to Create a Pet-Friendly Landscape: Tips and Tricks

When you have pets in your life, you will experience the greatest joy. Your outdoor spaces can be transformed into a place that can easily cater to the needs and requirements of your furry friend. This can be done by getting ideal landscaping Barrie solutions from the right company. If you want to learn about some practical strategies for designing a pet-friendly landscape, keep on reading.

Choosing Pet-Safe Plants

When choosing plants, you should ensure only to choose the ones that are safe for your pets. Several pet-safe varieties will not cause any issues, even if they eat them. Do not go for plants like lilies or daffodils, as they can be toxic to animals. Several non-toxic options like sunflowers, roses, and marigolds will be safe for them.

Considering Safety

The first thing one should consider before landscaping design Barrie is the safety of the pets. There can be some hazards, such as toxic plants, sharp edges, and various other substances that can cause harm to them. So, there should be secure fencing to ensure that they do not wander, and the gates should be properly closed. If there are any small spaces or openings that can attract the attention of your pets, they should be taken care of.

Digging Zones

Dogs enjoy digging more than anything. So, you can create a spot in your yard where your furry friend can easily enjoy digging and will not disrupt other areas for doing so. Just fill the space with loose soil or sand and bury some toys to help them enjoy the most. This will help them do something they enjoy and help keep your garden beds safe.

Shade and Shelter

Pets need shade and shelter where they can rest during hot or rainy days. So, place trees, shrubs, and other such items in places where they can provide shade for your furry companions. These cosy areas can be their favourite spot where they can rest comfortably. This will help them enjoy the landscape with you and relax when you are busy with your work.

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