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Law Book Seller

Here are a few places where you can find old law books for sale:

  1. AbeBooks: A marketplace for books where you can find a vast collection of old and rare law books.
  2. eBay: An online auction site that often has listings for old law books.
  3. Amazon: Amazon has a variety of sellers offering old and rare law books.
  4. Alibris: Another online marketplace for books, including rare and out-of-print law books.
  5. Local Antiquarian Bookstores: Many cities have bookstores that specialize in rare and old books.

  1. Estate Sales and Auctions: These can be a good place to find collections of old law books.
  2. Library Sales: Libraries sometimes sell off old books to make space for new ones.

If you have any preferences or are looking for specific types of old law books, let me know, and I can tailor the suggestions further!

If you're specifically looking for old UK law books, here are some options to consider:

  1. AbeBooks: They have a wide selection of old and rare UK law books from various sellers.
  2. eBay UK: You can find listings for old UK law books from individual sellers and stores.
  3. Amazon UK: Offers a range of new, used, and collectible UK law books.
  4. Blackwell's Rare Books: Specializes in rare and antiquarian books, including law.
  5. Sotheran's: An antiquarian bookseller in London with a selection of rare law books.
  6. The Law Society Bookshop: Although primarily focused on current publications, they occasionally have older editions for sale.
  7. Cambridge University Press: Look for their second-hand or antiquarian section for older law texts.

  1. Foyles: A well-known London bookstore that occasionally has rare book sales, including law.
  2. Barter Books: Located in Alnwick, they offer a range of second-hand and rare books, including legal texts.
  3. Peter Harrington: An antiquarian bookseller with a selection of rare and old law books.

Additionally, you might want to check out estate sales, auctions, and local antique bookshops in the UK, as they often have unique collections of old law books.

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