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Mastering Beer with Unique Ingredients

At our brewery, we blend time-honored brewing methods with a touch of innovation, using only gluten-free ingredients to craft exceptional beer. Divine science brewing Our unwavering commitment to quality and safety guarantees that each brew we create is not only flavorful but also entirely safe for those with gluten sensitivities.

The Intricacies of Gluten-Free Brewing

Creating gluten-free beer presents a unique set of challenges. While hops are naturally gluten-free, the real challenge lies in substituting traditional gluten-containing grains like barley and wheat. We use gluten-free grains such as sorghum, millet, rice, and buckwheat. These alternatives demand different brewing techniques, come at a higher cost, and require meticulous handling to ensure the final product remains gluten-free. Despite these hurdles, our dedication to delivering quality beer makes the extra effort worthwhile.

Trailblazing Knowledge in Gluten-Free Brewing

We are proud to have Head Brewer Robert Keifer at the helm. Robert is a trailblazer in gluten-free brewing and has authored the first comprehensive guide on the subject, "Gluten-Free Brewing," published by Brewers Publication. His book offers invaluable guidelines and recipes, empowering both novice and experienced brewers to create outstanding gluten-free beer. Robert's expertise and innovative recipes have been instrumental in shaping our brewery's offerings, ensuring our beers are both delectable and safe for everyone to enjoy.

A Completely Gluten-Free Experience

Our commitment to a gluten-free environment extends beyond our beer. Everything served in our taproom, from snacks to food pop-ups, is entirely gluten-free. We understand the concerns about cross-contamination and limited food choices, which is why we strive to create a safe, inclusive space where those with gluten allergies can relax and enjoy a diverse selection without worry.

In our taproom, you can confidently savor any item on the menu, knowing it meets the highest gluten-free standards. Divine science brewing Whether you're here for a pint of our latest brew or a delicious meal, we've got something to delight everyone.

Experience the Innovation

We invite you to visit our taproom and explore the unique flavors of our gluten-free beers. Discover the difference that dedication, expertise, and high-quality ingredients make. Enjoy a welcoming environment where gluten-free isn't just an option—it's our standard. Here's to great beer and even better company!