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April Jones
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What does Lmao Stand for in The Digital Communication in Z Gen?

The world is changing so frequently that people in the z gen are not able to cope up with the stress of writing complete sentences over the internet and digital media platforms. And so many people ask and seek an answer to the question of what does lmao stand for.

Therefore, be it the kids, be it the teenagers, be it the adults or even be it the old people are tend to use the internet slangs and acronyms in their day to day lives in order to chat or talk with their friends and family over the internet with the help of the digital communication. This is known to be one of the major reasons why knowing that what does lmao stand for is important and necessary for the person in total.

So, exactly what does lmao stand for in the digital communication language?

The word or acronym L.M.A.O. is known to be the laughing my ass out or even we can say that the laughing my ass off. Also it will help in understanding the answer to the question what does lmao stand for in the internet language.

There are so many people all across the globe who are tend ask people continuously that what does lmao stand for in the digital communication and in the internet language? The answer to the same question is a very common and a very simple acronym, which is being used in order to make the whole of the conversion easy and smooth and also to make the same funny. The term L.M.A.O is a very funny kind of the internet slang, which is being used to show something funny in nature and also to ensure the funny moment in between of the conversation.

L.M.A.O or the term or internet slang laughing my ass off is a kind of the funny internet or digital communication that is being used by the z gen people in order to make the communication smooth and classy. These particular internet slangs are being used so often by the kids as well as teenagers of the z gen. I hope you have got an answer to the question what does lmao stand for in the texting and digital communication.

There are many other terms and acronyms are there that are being used as the internet slangs by the people all around the world. The same is being mentioned in this particular article. Continue reading the article to know more about the same and also about the what does lmao stand for in the internet and texting language.

The following are some of the major as well as top most kind of the what does lmao stand for in the internet language acronyms are available below in the article.

1. R.O.F.L - rolling on the floor laughing

2. L.M.K. - let me know about the same

3. L.O.L.- lots of love

4. I.L.Y- i love you

5. I.D.K.- i do not know

6. Y.O.L.O.- you only and only live once

7.F.O.M.O- feeling of missing out of somewhere

8. L.M.F.A.O - laughing my freaking ass out

9. S.M.H.- shaking my innocent head here and there

10. I.K.R.- i know it right

11. O.F.C- of course

12. N.V.M- never mind

13. L.I.B - let it be

14. P.F.B.T.A - please find below all the attachments

15. K.I.C- keeping it clear to you.

16. T.T.Y.L- Talk to you later

17. A.W.K- away from the keyboard

18. S.Y.S- see you soon

19. W.B.R.B - will be right back soon.