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6 Steps To Build A Multi-Restaurant Chain with a Mobile Ordering App

The restaurant industry is growing highly competitive with every passing day. However, for well-established brands in the food industry, the rising toll of competition shouldn’t be a source of concern. The stress lines on the forehead are for small businesses that ambition to scale their restaurant brand to a global level but are persistently failing due to some obvious reasons.

Perhaps you might have also shortlisted a chunk of the amount to invest in a mobile ordering app for restaurants to build a multi-business chain. Well, the step is a must if you want to grow from local to global.

But wait! It won't be that simple. You will have to carefully consider a few essential things before starting a multi-chain restaurant chain with a mobile app. Here's what they are -

1. Start with a Solid Business Plan

A business plan is the backbone of every business – no matter if it is in its initial stages or planning to scale further – you will have to consider it. Your planning must cover a set of questions with a valid answer and reason that must be actionable. For example –

· In which states and cities should I introduce a new food unit?

· What is the most popular local cuisine in that area?

· Do you have any way to attract more people through your new restaurant unit?

· How will you advertise yourself to customers in that new city?

· How will you deal with business challenges in that area?

The answer is available in your creative minds. Recall these questioning thoughts along with answers before installing your restaurant unit there.

2. Locations Marking to Derive Customers

You must be well aware of all locations where your new restaurant units can flourish faster and can generate more return on investment compared to others. These locations must be your "targeted" ones, and your mobile application must disclose them on the homepage first.

3. Knowing What Finance Allows and Disallows

Finance is the key decision taker of your business. If you have a big budget, of course, it won't be that tough to extend your restaurant to a multi-chain food network. But in case you are short of budget, your financial book wants you to invest carefully; you must do it then. Rather than building a private mobile app, you must scout for the best online marketplace. This marketplace makes a mobile ordering app for restaurants available for absolutely free. So why take the risk of investing in custom application development?

4. Staying Connected with the Internet

Managing your restaurant on a large scale is tough if the internet isn't involved. You can stay connected with your business units in another town or city more effectively if you are using some internet-advanced tools. These tools or software can help you run your business through an integrated network. And the best thing is you can do this with a mobile app.

5. Staying Special in At Least One Menu Item

If you want your business to expand faster, then inscribe at least one cuisine in your restaurant's app for ordering which is a food specialty of your brand. Maybe your current customer is well-versed with your specialty and is more likely to refer it to your friend in the area where you are planning to set up your business unit.

6. Focusing more on POS Integration

POS system or Point of Sale System must be properly installed at your multiple business units. Also, the workflow must be the same in these systems, ensuring an employee from another restaurant business unit could handle things in a different business unit with no confusion.


The journey may also cover licenses and permits you need to access for the smooth running of the business in other cities. Also, frequent inspection and updates must be done in your restaurant's app for ordering to avoid errors or business frauds.

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