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5 Tips to Turn your "Just Customers" into "Raving Fans”

The fundamental approach of a restaurant that outperforms its competitors and evokes tremendous customer loyalty is identifying and catering to the dynamic customer's demands in a way that no other restaurant can. These businesses are experts at turning visitors into raving customers.

With the term 'Raving Customer', we meant a person who is a passionate admirer of the exotic cuisines served by the restaurant, who is so satisfied with the food and overall good experience with the restaurant that they can't resist gushing to others about it.

But in most events, it could be an outcome of the best online ordering system for restaurants as well. If you also envision transforming your "just customers" into "raving fans", read on. These are some smart tips that will help.

1. Brainstorming & Planning

Plans are always persistent and enduring until your goal is accomplished. If you want your customer to become a fan of your delicious cuisines, then the journey must start with a solid plan building. Such as, in this age of modernization, you must be putting mobile users first. People love ordering food online using a mobile app. That's why it is worthwhile to plan it first. But in case it is expensive, you can switch to an online food ordering system, which is a more affordable alternative to mobile apps.

2. Target the Right Hunger

Another most-vital point of consideration is to target the right person having a high appetite for the food you serve. Such as, some people are more fond of burgers whilst other daily ice cream eaters. Therefore, it is worthwhile to identify a particular person's interest in a specific cuisine. However, manually it can be tough, but online software allows ease of tracking. You can track a person's interest and can advertise to them something that they love most. In this way, you can make some people your regular customers.

3. Familiarize with Customer’s Interest

As discussed before, you should identify customer interest for the particular restaurant serving. But in most events, it is recommended for restaurants to familiarize themselves with people's interest which isn't related to food or cuisine but anything else. Such as, most customers love ordering food online, and the best online ordering system for restaurants may help you here to set up your app free of cost at a small monthly fee. Similarly, whether customers love extra disposals or gifts or coupons offered along with the order must be noted.

4. Avoid Direct Sales

As much as possible, avoid direct sales. Don't be the first to offer a cuisine or food item to someone. Instead, let them come in and show interest in your offering. However, you can market your offerings to them in a way that indirectly leads them to reach a buying decision. Here, you can run a special 25% discount on your pizza. Alternatively, you can offer a free dessert along with the main cuisine. SMS and Email marketing can be the best way to update people about the offer.

5. Reward Your Best Customers

Retaining your existing customer is even more difficult than inviting a new one. Therefore, it is recommended to run a customer loyalty program or a special offer for the special person who’s a frequent purchaser of your restaurant’s product. These people will keep your restaurant profitable in its bad times, so make sure you keep them fully satisfied or a 'Raving fan’ of your business.


The mobile ordering app for the restaurant is one of the best ways to turn your "just customers" into "raving fans" in no time. But make sure you have these tips noted and applied at the same time.

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