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Things you Must Check with the Best Car Tyre Dealers in Bangalore | Apollo Tyres

A good tyre is a prerequisite for a car’s smooth functioning and optimal performance. Many of us don’t have an idea that there are specialised tyres for different kinds of cars and bikes. While you are looking for tyre repair or replacement, you must tell the tyre type for your vehicle to the tyre dealer you are buying from.

All the leading tyre brands have their dealers in different cities of India. There can be more than one dealer of a tyre brand in a city. If you are a resident of Bangalore and planning car tyre replacement, you must look for the best car tyre dealers in Bangalore. But it is easier said than done since you might receive a lot of different suggestions. Hence to help you, mentioned below are certain pointers which will help in deciding on the best tyre dealer for your car:

  • Experience in the business

Whether you are looking for Apollo tyre dealers in Chennai or Apollo tyre dealers in Bangalore, check the experience of the dealer in this business. An experienced dealer is always better than a novice one. A dealer who has ample experience at both senior management and staff levels is a perfect choice. These dealers offer help and assistance to customers from their experience. The advice that such dealers can provide on the safety, maintenance, and quality of vehicles is valuable as well.

  • Wide range of car tyres

A car tyre dealer must have stock of a wide range of car tyres. Though the dealer is related to a particular tyre brand, say, Apollo, CEAT, Bridgestone, etc., the stock should be of varied brands to ensure they can cater to your specific requirements. Having different tyre brands under one roof will save you valuable time as you would not need to go from one store to another to find the most suitable tyre for your car. With a wide range of tyres available under one roof, you can choose the best tyre for your vehicle easily.

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  • Providing the best customer service

One of the most important criteria for a car tyre dealer is providing the best customer service. Customer demands are on the rise and they look for service on a round-the-clock basis. The dealer can establish excellent customer relations by providing the best tyres and world-class customer services at the same time. Maintaining customer relations acts as an encouragement for the customers. It is a general tendency for customers to keep coming back to the same dealer for any kind of car tyre issues. Most importantly, providing good customer service helps in the growth and development of the car tyre company as well.

  • Offering the best price to customers

Different car tyre dealers offer different tyre prices to customers. While some dealers maintain a high-profit range; some dealers target more customers by offering the best price and maintaining a low-profit range. In the long run, the latter category of dealers is more successful as they have more satisfied customers. Moreover, they can retain the customers increasing the customer base as a result. So, make sure you check the prices offered by the dealers before deciding on one.

  • Having a strong online presence

No business can be successful today without having a strong and active online presence. When you are looking for a car tyre dealer, check if the dealer has an online presence. It might not always be possible for the customer to go to the dealer physically to find out about the tyres they have in-store. With the online presence of the dealer, you can sort out any kind of tyre issue or find out about stock by talking to the dealer over the phone or even online. Nowadays, you can get many free perks from an online dealer in the form of inspections and fitting requirements.

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