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Quran Learnings

The Quran (also spelled "Koran" or "Coran") is the sacred book of Islam. Muslims believe that it was revealed by God through the angel Gabriel to Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, though some scholars and historians believe otherwise.

The object of my project is not simply to learn a few sentences or passages from the holy Quran and then “hope” that they will stay in the mind, nor just to read and memorize it for the sake of reciting. It is surely wondering if we can remember even one verse once we know its meaning. But memorizing short verses about which one does not comprehend their meanings distracts us from paying attention to Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta`ala) by engaging us.

Would you like to learn the Qur’an for nothing? I mean memorize it, understand it, and know what Allah wants from us. What if I told you with no charge or obligation can do this thing? InshaAllah this book by Quran For Muslims may be completed within one month, just in time to wipe your studies of Ramadan. This is a complete plan that helps you get started and how to memorize the verses of the Qur’an.

If you have a child learning to read the Quran, we have found something very special. There is a Quranic language system that will help your child become fluent in reading and memorizing the Quran in Arabic as well as understanding its meaning at an accelerated pace for kids.

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