Anujit Bhattachaarya
Anujit Bhattachaarya
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What Is Personal Banking? What Are Its Advantages?

Recently, banks and financial institutions have become more mindful of individual customers. They have introduced different facilities to simplify our financial needs and queries. A prime example is Personal Banking. It is a banking model that specifically caters to the needs of individual customers. It is also commonly known as Retail or Customer Banking.

Personal Banking offers a host of financial services to manage funds, deposit money, etc. The following are its other benefits:


It is highly convenient and saves you from physically visiting the bank for minor queries. For instance, if you want to check your transaction history, services like Mobile Banking let you do that with your smartphone. You need a good internet connection and a secure server for operating it.

24x7 Availability

This type of Banking facility is at your disposal 24x7. Simply put, you could avail of its services any time of the day. You do not have to comply with the bank hours to resolve your issue. With a few clicks, you get access to all the information you need. That, too, within seconds.


It is highly safe and secure. It operates on authenticated networks to safeguard the confidentiality of the customer. It also necessitates password-protected logins to amplify the security further. You need not worry about identity thefts or fraudulent activities.


The best feature lies in its reliability. Whether you wish to make transactions or manage your money, it always comes in handy. It does not consume much time and becomes your ally in times of emergency. For instance, say you get a frantic call from relatively late at night. They are in immediate need of some funds. Instead of physically visiting the bank, simply use Personal Banking services. They will enable you to transact the money within no time.

Simple & Self-explanatory

Personal Banking was introduced to simplify customer needs. Hence, it is a given that most of its services are self-explanatory. Even if you find yourself stuck, there is always an option of contacting the customer care representatives.


It also serves as a great source of the latest information. It notifies you of all your banking partner's new features and offers. This way, it helps you stay updated in every way possible.

Tips to Maximize Personal Banking Experience

· Always use a VPN server when using online Personal Banking facilities. Refrain from using public WiFi.

· Do not share One-Time Passwords or other login credentials with anyone.

· Keep a regular tab of your Account transactions.

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