Anujit Bhattachaarya
Anujit Bhattachaarya
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How to Open a Bank Account Online?

Money is essential for fulfilling all our needs, especially during fund and medical emergencies. It helps you overcome challenges and fulfil your dreams. With enough savings, you achieve your financial goals and plan for a brighter future. Every penny saved is precious and enables you to invest in other assets for wealth creation.

It is quick to open Bank Account online, taking not more than 15 minutes. These days all processes are operational online with easy utilisation and access. Digitalisation has created an impact on the economy and replaced labour for smooth and swift functioning. It reduces the hassle of visiting the bank branch, submitting physical documents, or waiting in queues for turns.

The process

Open an online Bank Account with your registered mobile number. The process does not vary much and saves time. Upload the form and documents online instead of personally visiting the bank branch. Some banks send their executives to collect the documents at the mentioned address.

Documents required

After requesting for Bank Account opening, furnish some documents as proof. Identity and address proofs include driving licence and passport. Along with that, submit your PAN card or Form 16, two passport-sized photographs, and the account opening form. The bank executives verify the information and ask you to make an initial deposit depending upon the minimum amount required for the account.

In doing so, you become the account holder. There is no minimum deposit amount required for Zero-Balance Savings Account. After depositing, the bank executives give you a Debit Card linked to the Bank Account for transactions and other relevant documents.


With the advent of the internet, banks have adopted digitalisation measures for hassle-free and convenient banking transactions. You receive multiple benefits if you open Bank Account online while saving paperwork, time, and effort.

Ease of opening

Online Bank Accounts provide increased convenience. They allow you to operate them through the website or bank app by completing simple formalities in few minutes. After visiting the portal, filling in the details, and uploading the documents, your account is ready for use.

Higher interest rates

Online accounts offer higher interest rates than regular accounts. At times, interest rates change according to the funds in your Savings Account. It is safer and advisable to have a clear picture of the interest rates offered before opening an online Savings Account.

Lower fees

There are no charges on opening online Bank Accounts, and it offers transparency in operations and functions. The minimal fee structure has made them famous in the country.

Bill payments

By setting the auto-debit facility on your account, you pay multiple bills in a hassle-free manner to avoid penalties. You also get a digital record of the transactions.