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Anthony Matthew
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Can I book the best seats on Southwest Airlines ?

Flying with Southwest Airlines always feels like being on a dream trip. However, the Southwest Airlines Group Travel process helps get the preferred seats and a high level of comfort to relax & enjoy the entire journey.

It’s a major & among the oldest in the operations, with its headquarters in Georgia. On the other hand, it provides over 54,00 flights daily. Although, the airline premium select cabin offers extra legroom, leg rests & other remarkable features.

How to choose the best seats with Southwest Airlines ?

If you want to get the best seats with the Southwest & enjoy your journey, then follow the steps below:

  1. Access to the official website of Southwest Airlines .
  2. Look for my trip option on the homepage.
  3. Here, enter the required information as the reference number & last name.
  4. Now, choose the flight where you need to select the seats.
  5. After that, click on the seat selection.
  6. Moreover, you need to check the availability of the seats
  7. Now, move toward the payment page & pay if there is a fare difference.
  8. At last, receive the confirmation on the registered email.

How much do you need to pay for the seat selection with the airline?

Unlike others, Southwest Airlines also charges for seat selection. However, the seat selection fee is around $29 per seat. But you can select the desired seats within 24 hrs to avoid the fees.

Explain the different seating options with Southwest Airlines .

While flying with Southwest Airlines , passengers are offered three seating arrangements. However, these are window seats, aisle & middle that you can choose as per your preference & comfort:

  1. Window seat:

It’s preferred by the majority of travellers while flying. However, it offers incredible views, but it’s best to avoid it for the night.

2. Aisle seat:

Sometimes, passengers cannot get if they need anything; however, getting an Aisle seat is the best idea. On the other hand, you can make yourself comfortable without bothering others.

3. Middle seat:

Sitting between two strangers can make you uncomfortable if you are flying along. So, think before choosing your seats to fly toward your destination. Also, if you need other details about the seat selection & Southwest Seat Selection contact a live person.