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Anshika Kaushal
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daclatasvir 60 mg price

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Natdac medicine is helpful for the treatment of chronic Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infection. Daclatasvir dihydrochloride is the active component of this medication. This medicine may show side effects like skin redness, fatigue, and drowsiness. daclatasvir 60 mg price can be enquired from Magicine Pharma. Buy this and get up to 20% off.

keytruda price

Keytruda (pembrolizumab) injection is an anti-cancer chemo medicine. It is prescribed for the treatment of lung cancer, skin cancer, and ovarian cancer. It has a dose strength of 100 mg/4ml. The medicine may show side effects including constipation, pale skin, and weight loss or gain. The keytruda price can be inquired on the site of Magicine Pharma.