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Montagelim, County Kerry - Ireland's Natural Beauty

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A small village of the Limestone Coast, Montagelim is situated in the lovely province of Galway, Ireland. It is known as the best Limestone Coast destination. The village itself sits on a promontory overlooking the Limestone Coast, offering a scenic vista from which to view the sea and other surrounding landscape. Montagelim has a beautiful beach, several beautiful gardens and a beautiful hotel built by the renowned architect Eller Hawkin. Tourists staying at this bed and breakfast inn can enjoy the peaceful beauty of the natural setting while enjoying the amenities of modern convenience.

The Montagelim area has a variety of activities to offer visitors, making it an ideal tourist destination. The Limestone Coast provides visitors with some of the finest fishing spots, wonderful coastal scenery and breathtaking views of the Irish Sea. The Fungal Forest is located in close proximity to Montagelim and is a popular attraction for those traveling to the area. A visit to the Speijle Natural Park is also popular. The park is home to a large variety of flora and fauna.

The village of Montagelimen Kan is located right on the Limestone Coast and offers travelers plenty to see and do. The beautiful beach is located just two miles away from Montagelimen Er, where tourists can relax and take in the breathtaking views of the sea. About three miles to the north, the guests can travel to the picturesque and secluded Rosebank lookout, where they can view the spectacular scenery and breathtaking views of Killarney and the surrounding countryside. Several activities can be enjoyed along the shoreline, including swimming, boating, windsurfing, hiking, sailing, fishing and the ever popular lime stone artwork. Other attractions include the beautiful Ballyhackamore picnic area, with its beautiful view of the Killarney Bay and the setting of the famous St. Mary's Church.

Just a short walk from Montagelimen Kan lies its sister villages Blenheim and Belvedere. These villages are only a few minutes' drive from Montagelimen and offer even more beauty and charm to the visitor. Visitors who enjoy art will be drawn to the Delphinium Gallery in, which features works by renowned Irish artist, John Keats and his contemporary, Declan Fogarty. Several art galleries in the area can also be visited. Finally, visitors who enjoy the beauty of nature will be drawn to the Pileh Cove Park, where they can view the breathtaking scenery and wildlife.

Tourists who enjoy history will also enjoy a trip to the local museums. In addition to the Museum of Ancient Things, tourists can also visit the Montagelimen Historical Centre. This two-story building houses a variety of artifacts and ancient drawings that depict the lifestyle and culture of the island's ancestors. There are a small museum as well that features works by famous Montagelimen artists such as Eller and Hanhra Eller. The museum offers an interactive display that allows visitors to listen to ancient stories and discuss the culture with experts.

Montagelim is just one of a few places in Ireland where you can experience the world's oldest buildings, like the abbey. The beautiful structures were constructed over 100 years ago and yet remain very intact. The monks built the buildings with natural materials, including peat and pine timber. The beautiful structures are made without modern technology and the intricate carvings are testament to their labor. Tourists are invited to take a tour of the abbey and to meet the monks who take care of the property, including the monks who paint the carvings.

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