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Anna Saienko
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Stylish Travelling with a Sleeper Linen Dress! Enjoy Your Summer Vacay in a Stunning Linen Dress or Daisy Dress

Since the weather is rapidly getting colder and winter is finally approaching, many of us start thinking about a nice vacation somewhere warmer. And what way to spend your free time than not roaming the streets in a gorgeous linen dress made by the Ukrainian brand – the Daily Sleeper?

This particular brand has been on the scene for quite some time and it has become rather popular among celebrities, fashion icons, and ordinary people who enjoy looking effortlessly stylish and comfortable. You have probably seen their Atlanta linen dress on your Instagram feed or even on a Pinterest board. No wonder, because their dresses are what truly capture the eye of anyone looking at them. It’s not only the Atlanta dress that is a great pick for any sort of occasion: running errands in the city, enjoying a sandy beach on your vacation, or spending precious time with your girlfriends during a girls’ trip. Their magical dresses, including the daisy dress, are an easy choice for when you have to throw on something really fast and don’t have much time to think the outfit through, as any of the brand’s garments are perfect just the way they are.

If you were looking to enjoy a wonderful pink sundress midi, then you came to the right place. Let me introduce you to some of the Sleeper’s iconic garments and maybe you will find a true match for yourself!

Cute Women's Daisy Dress That Will Give You an Instant Summer Vibe

When you go traveling, you usually plan your outfits beforehand and pack accordingly. However, the packing overall can be a stressful process, because nobody wants to forget anything. With this linen daisy dress from the Daily Sleeper, you don’t have to worry about any planning since it goes with any and every accessory. The Atlanta style, as it was previously mentioned is one of the signature styles by Sleeper, so you have a lot of fashion inspo on the web. The pattern of this daisy dress is what gives it that playful, joyous vibe that is just perfect for going somewhere warm and sunny.

This linen dress is made out of high-quality breathable material, so you don’t have to worry about being too hot in case you are visiting such a place. Moreover, it is easily washable, so even if you spill a little wine at dinner, you can just give it to the cleaners at the hotel and they will gladly give your dress back as good as new.

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Source: Sleeper’s Official Instagram.

This women's daisy dress is surely a statement on its own. But I want to give you some easy ideas to dress up a little bit if you are willing to go to a romantic dinner with your partner to enjoy local culture and cuisine. In order to change the look you can try:

  • Wearing a head accessory. A scarf or a cute straw hat will surely tie the look together and give it a “careless” vibe, while you are enjoying your stress-free vacation from all the city problems.
  • Putting on sandals or even sneakers. As the creators of Sleeper are all about comfort, there is no other way to make your sightseeing trips or walks through the fair more manageable.
  • Making it extra. If you were planning on a special night with your significant other, you can make that Atlanta dress into an evening outfit. Just wear some simple gold jewelry like earrings, bracelets, and rings, and add a little purse to it. Voila!

See? It’s a lot easier than some think of it! Just channel your inner stylist and create memorable looks for your travel.

Dreamy Pink Linen Dress For Aesthetic Travel Pictures

As they say, if you went on vacation and didn’t post any pictures, was it really a vacation? With our society constantly using social media for all kinds of purposes it wouldn’t hurt to post a pic or to from your voyage. This pink linen dress in style named Belle is the one that will give you a whole lot of likes because it’s impossible to scroll past it in your feed. The stretchy bodice hugs your body just right, without being too tight or too loose. The Belle pink linen dress is also of a perfect length, as it goes a little below your knees which allows you to show off your shoes.

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Source: Sleeper’s Official Instagram.

The lantern sleeves are surely the number one accent on this linen dress, as they somewhat remind of the princess dress’ silhouettes. The interesting thing is that you can choose to wear them on or off your shoulders, so you can really play with the look and change it however you want. The Sleeper linen dress will surely find its place in your suitcase, so you have no choice but to bring it on your trip.

I think it is safe to say that the perfect summer pink dress exists and although it may not be the same for everyone, it was definitely created by the Daily Sleeper – a brand that can make you look and feel amazing anywhere around the world!