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NBA 2K22 - The best diamond strikers

Diamond Grade cards provide the ideal combination for Nba 2k22 Mt players who have more than MT50,000 but under the budget. At these prices there are a lot of players that can add diversity to the team you have in your.

You could spend as much as 500.000 MT on Diamond Small Forward if you would like, but we believe you should cut back this money and put it in Shooting Guard or Point Guard.

Here are our picks of the top Diamond Little Forwards from NBA 2K22:

Jimmy Butler Diamond (94 OVR) SF / SG

Dominique Wilkins Diamond (93 OVR) SF / SG

Tobias Harris Diamond (93 OVR) F/SF

One of our most favored models from the group of Tobias Harris, which costs less than MT25,000 at auctions. It has a large size and amazing shooting from behind the bow.

Dominique Wilkins is a lane driving nightmare, unfortunately you won't be able to get the best archery.

Jimmy Butler has the highest overall rating here, and is a nice mix of both of the cards mentioned above. His athleticism and basketball IQ are both A + rated, making him an excellent choice for MyTEAM.

The most amethyst little strikers

A rating that is often ignored in Basketball 2K22 MyTEAM, is that of the rating with amethysts. With Amethyst cards, you can construct an extremely strong and competitive team.

The good thing about purchasing Amethyst rating cards is that you don't have to pay more than 10,000MT to obtain an outstanding player.

Here's the most amethyst of strikers we'd like:

Kawhi Leonard Amethyst (90 OVR) SF

Luka Doncic Amethyst (90 OVR) SF

Mikal Bridges Amethyst (90 OVR) SF / PF

A major issue that is present in a handful of this cards is the fact they only fit into the minor striker position. Kawhi Leonard is a fantastic defense player that can shield you from Diamonds or Pink Diamonds mentioned above.

Luka Doncic is an excellent scorer and distributer, but does not have the same defense or three-point shots. This is partially compensated the difference by participating in IQ Competitions and Basketball.

Mikal Bridges is a fantastic shooter, particularly in the bow. His biggest challenge is how small he is and will likely be forced around in the post. It would be great to buy 2k22 mt have him as a marksman in MyTEAM.

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