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Technological Advancements in Data Center Liquid Immersion Cooling

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Data Center Liquid Immersion Cooling

Data Center Liquid Immersion Cooling systems need less capital to implement since there are fewer moving parts involved in removing heat, such as fans and associated electrical equipment. Beran clarified, "To reduce the heat, you simply utilise less energy.

According to Beran, immersion cooling will become "a dominating strategy to deal with [thermal management]" within three to five years, but adoption will most likely begin in hybrid systems that use both traditional air-based cooling and immersion cooling in the near-to-medium term. "In those hybrid setups, you still have to use some traditional infrastructure," says the author, "so you don't always get cost benefits connected with it [right away]." Data Center Liquid Immersion Cooling is most commonly used in supercomputing, but it's now finding its way into the office. "To gain from [immersion cooling], you don't have to be operating a supercomputer," says the author.

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