андрей коваленко
андрей коваленко
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Simple! Profitable! Stable! Earnings on the Internet for everyone!

Here are verified sites that pay. From which I earn and from which I withdraw money.

Peer2Profit SHARE YOUR INTERNET TRAFFIC AND EARN ON IT! This is the easiest and safest way to earn money WITHOUT INVESTMENTS! The Peer2Profit app allows you to earn by giving away your unused Internet connection. Share your WiFi or mobile connection and get paid for every gigabyte of traffic. In order to start earning, just create a free account on the site and log in to the application. AND PASSIVE INCOME IN YOUR POCKET! You can withdraw to your Payeer wallet. There are other wallets too. You can also withdraw to crypto wallets.

Coinpay The world's largest free crypto platform. Coinpayu is a free cryptocurrency rewards platform where you can earn cryptocurrency by viewing ads, articles, videos, completing surveys and more. The simplest and fastest is surfing. surfing on the site is updated during each day. On average, you can earn 300-500 satoshi per day on surfing at the initial stage. In the "Tasks" section, you can select and subscribe to surveys, for completing which you will be charged from 500-1600 Satoshi and more. There are 28 faucets on the site distributing cryptocurrency: TRX DOGE BNB LTC BTC BCH ETH DASH and others every hour. You can withdraw earned Satoshi to any crypto wallets presented on the site, the minimum amount for withdrawal for each currency is different.

One of the most profitable advantages of this crypto internet portal is that your cryptocurrency can be immediately turned into money by withdrawing to a dollar account in PAYEER. Transfer from only 2000 Satoshi!

Get paid email Good Earnings By Viewing Email and Surveys. Reading Email is charged $0.02 per letter. Surveys start at $0.50 per survey. Upon registration, you are credited with $3 to your account. The withdrawal is made in the same way on PAYEER.

Seo Fast This is an easy way to make money, no matter where you are. Already today you can receive money for visiting sites, social pages. networks, watching videos on YouTube and performing simple tasks. The site has been actively operating since 2012. Here you can earn on: Tasks, paid surveys, Surfing paid visits, reading letters, Paid Tests, YouTube, In contact with, Teaser advertisement.

It is important to remember that your activity and your income are interconnected. Your profit directly depends on your activity. With a serious attitude, the presence of time and desire, you can develop a good passive income.

The withdrawal is made in the same way on PAYEER.

Aviso Earning without investment! Aviso is the leader among such projects! On aviso you can earn by completing tasks, watching ads, surfing, testing, and reading letters, as well as You Tube views, joining groups, likes. There are a lot of paid views on YouTube (you can watch 3-4 videos at the same time). There are also a lot of assignments. There are bonuses for advertisers. Placing cheap ads on aviso is very simple, there are 12 options for advertising.

The withdrawal is made in the same way on PAYEER.

Surfe.be With the Surfe.be extension, you can earn money in 4 ways: - surf the Internet on any site; - viewing advertisers' sites; - viewing promotional videos; - earnings on the partner program. Install the extension and earn your first money today - it's easy, even a schoolboy will figure it out! Get money! Withdraw money instantly from $0.03 to Payeer

FaucetPay This is a micro-wallet for cryptocurrency, which allows you to work with small amounts of Satoshi units. The wallet has a whole list of resources inside where you can earn. FaucetPay will come in handy if you have a need to accumulate cryptocurrency in microdoses from several places. There is no minimum deposit amount, you can get at least one Satoshi to your account.

On FaucetPay: your exchanger, Works with micro transactions, There are major cryptocurrencies, There is no commission for exchanging crypto within the wallet. there is no minimum top-up amount. Works stably, transactions are carried out quickly.

PAYEER It has never been so fast and easy to store, buy or profitably sell currencies and cryptocurrencies! It has everything you need for personal use and for business. Despite its ease of use, Payeer is a multifunctional payment system that allows you to securely store and exchange money. Payeer also provides its users with buying and selling cryptocurrency. Using the wallet is absolutely free, there is no monthly fee.

Payeer is used in more than 200 countries, which allows you to make payments all over the world. Using the system, you can not only pay for goods and services, as well as deposit and withdraw funds in one of the most convenient ways for yourself, but also use Payeer to conduct business. For example, connect the site to the system and accept payments from customers from all over the world.

Kurs.expert This is an excellent monitoring of exchangers of any currency and cryptocurrency. On this site, you can also earn money in dollars for different tasks. There is a faucet on which you can earn up to $1 per click, you can also earn on reviews, cashback and for inviting partners they pay from $0.1 to $0.65, and for partners they give 25% constantly. Upon registration, you will receive a $1 bonus.