Andrew Rihana
Andrew Rihana
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Craving delicious home-made pizza in New York City? Look no further! Visit 42 St. Pizza Restaurant for the best pizza near the Chinese Consulate, Javits Center and Circle Line.


About Company

This original brownstone and family restaurant is one of the very last mom & pop to stand in this fast changing neighborhood. Generations of families have kept open this restaurant for the love of making homemade food and authentic pizza since 1965.

When we first opened this was a very rough neighborhood, the love we have for serving our customers and neighbors with our first class quality food has kept us here going strong. Our homemade food style from back home is what has kept our customers coming back for more.

Many years have passed even though we were offered millions to move out, we refused, this is not only a restaurant, it’s our home that is full of wonderful family memories. Beautiful memories of Grandmothers, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Children & Grandchildren which no amount of money can replace.

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