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Andre Fagundas
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What is the earning potential on OnlyFans, and how can one maximize earnings quickly?

OnlyFans is currently generating over $2 billion in profits, primarily driven by a vast community of bloggers and their followers. The platform retains 20% of creators' earnings, with subscription prices ranging from $5 to $50 per month. With over a million bloggers and 90 million users on OnlyFans, the competition among creators is continuously increasing.

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What is the average income for OnlyFans creators, and what are the chances of rapid monetization for newcomers? Furthermore, why does this chance significantly improve when switching to the FriendsOnly service?

The earnings of individual OnlyFans creators vary depending on factors such as their existing fan base on other social media platforms and the number of followers they can bring to OnlyFans. If you don't already have a strong presence on social media, promoting your OnlyFans page becomes crucial. Many creators leverage platforms like Instagram, where they share teaser posts about their OnlyFans account and provide a link in their bio. Popular Instagram bloggers can earn $1,000 to $2,000 right from the start, thanks to loyal fans, smart marketing strategies, collaborations with established models, and targeted advertising.

"I earned $2,000 in my first month. My friend focuses on lingerie photos and spent a year developing her Instagram account, investing approximately $40,000. As a result, she gained 1 million Instagram followers, and around 900-1,500 of them became her paid subscribers on OnlyFans, paying $25 per month. You can do the math to calculate her profit. Building a solid foundation that forms your OnlyFans audience is essential," says OnlyFans model Natalya Angesetfree.

Natalya allocates funds ranging from $500 to $3,000 for advertising purposes, as conversions vary. She advises aspiring bloggers to invest in promotional campaigns across multiple social media accounts simultaneously.

FriendsOnly is a progressive alternative to OnlyFans, specifically designed for free and rapid promotion for beginners and overall community development. The platform's interface resembles TikTok, where creators share vertical videos. All new free posts from creators are displayed on the main page for all viewers to see. An algorithm recognizes unique content and features it in the recommendations section. By scrolling through the feed, any user can visit a creator's profile, where both free and exclusive paid posts are available. Exclusive content is initially blurred and can be accessed after subscribing.

FriendsOnly offers advertising tools, a dashboard with statistics and page analytics, and an affiliate program for internal promotion within the platform. There is no need to create additional pages or use third-party sites.

On average, with dedicated effort, creators can experience a 180% increase in earnings without prior fame. OnlyFans model El shares that she worked eight hours a day on content to earn $250 in two months.

"This is a full-time job. Fans expect you to post photos daily. To attract and retain subscribers' attention, you have to be consistently active," El explains.

Additional challenges on OnlyFans include difficulties with advertising and high competition. Earnings on the platform come primarily from subscriptions and tips, with no live broadcasting options available. In contrast, FriendsOnly creators can monetize through live streams, enhancing their revenue streams.

Withdrawals on OnlyFans are possible only 21 days after receiving the funds, whereas FriendsOnly typically allows withdrawals within 1-3 days after the transfer.

For bloggers from Russia and Belarus, OnlyFans accounts remain frozen due to the ongoing blocking of VISA and Mastercard operations in these countries. Meanwhile, FriendsOnly permits payouts for creators of all nationalities and residences, enabling authors to withdraw funds at any time to any bank account without restrictions.

OnlyFans proves to be a profitable and promising venture for celebrities and investors. However, it poses challenges for creative newcomers and even those who have achieved some level of success. Unless you possess the same level of fame as Black China, Bella Thorne, or Cardi B, building a substantial subscriber base on OnlyFans requires considerable effort and investment. Alternatively, creators can explore FriendsOnly, where competition is relatively lower, and algorithms still work in favor of emerging talents rather than established stars.