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Top Cosplay OnlyFans: Pros and Cons of the Popular Platform

Cosplay has long been regarded as a unique hobby, and now it offers creators an opportunity to monetize their content. However, how effective is OnlyFans for aspiring cosplay models? We have examined the advantages and disadvantages of this popular platform.

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What has led to OnlyFans being considered the least favorable platform for cosplay enthusiasts?

Many cosplay models generate income through online and offline performances, and those who incorporate erotic elements tend to earn even more. It is possible to earn a substantial monthly income, sometimes reaching four figures. However, it is essential not to hastily create an account on OnlyFans, as the platform does not treat beginners, including cosplay artists, well.

A great alternative platform for novice cosplay models is FriendsOnly. The platform's main advantage lies in its resemblance to a regular social network. Cosplay artists can share vertical videos with their followers and all users in a similar fashion to Instagram and TikTok. This fosters a stronger connection between creators and their audience. Conversely, OnlyFans and most other alternatives do not actively promote newcomers, causing interest in such platforms to dwindle.

How do cosplay creators generate revenue on FriendsOnly?

There are several reasons why cosplay models are encouraged to join FriendsOnly. Firstly, these models often have a relatively niche target audience since many viewers are unaware of the unique beauty of cosplay. The recommendation system on FriendsOnly allows artists to showcase their talent to a broader audience and attract users who may not have previously shown interest in this modern art form.

When building a FriendsOnly blog, there is no need to rely on social media platforms to gain new followers. Prominent cosplay artists draw followers to OnlyFans through their Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit accounts. On average, only 3% of followers convert into paying subscribers. Therefore, maintaining an active FriendsOnly account proves more efficient, as it allows for faster follower acquisition.

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Real content monetization is achievable on FriendsOnly

The platform ensures equal promotion for all creators, not just the most popular ones. The main advantage lies in the equal accessibility of the target audience for all authors, enabling swift subscriber growth and increased earnings. This sets FriendsOnly apart from OnlyFans and its counterparts. OnlyFans tends to encourage authors to create private blogs that are difficult to discover. Only those with the blog's direct link can become followers.

FriendsOnly provides maximum exposure after sharing free content. Once the audience becomes acquainted with a cosplay creator, they can choose to follow them, thereby generating revenue. As you may infer, the distribution of free content is a unique feature of FriendsOnly.

Posting free videos ensures the acquisition of new subscribers. The algorithm selects the latest free videos to recommend in the main feed, visible to all users. Each user can easily discover new content from the creators they follow, as well as from other content creators, through adjacent tabs.

Benefits of FriendsOnly for cosplay models

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Benefits of FriendsOnly for cosplay models extend to all beginners, but cosplay artists specifically reap significant rewards from maintaining accounts. They gain access to a wider audience that may not have previously shown interest in cosplay. Creators can share NSFW (Not Safe for Work) videos with all users, an opportunity not available on Instagram or OnlyFans. It has never been easier for attractive cosplay models to persuade their audience to subscribe to paid content.

Top cosplay profiles on OnlyFans:

As mentioned earlier, the cosplay community primarily thrives on OnlyFans. Here are a few notable examples of popular models who actively promote their accounts on social networks:


One of the most popular cosplay profiles on OnlyFans, Meggii operates a free account. However, like many other cosplay models, she gains new followers primarily through Instagram. Her earnings stem from streams and paid photos.


Vinnegal shares unique photos and videos that combine anime and cyberpunk aesthetics. Surprisingly, her OnlyFans account did not gain significant popularity. Unfortunately, her account is currently inactive.


Angie Griffin is another account that users can follow for free. This cosplay model posts a substantial amount of free photos, suggesting that her income primarily comes from tips given by followers.


Oichi, a cosplay enthusiast, has shared 1300 photos and 60 videos, creating fantasy and anime-inspired costumes. Although she possesses incredible beauty, her OnlyFans account is currently inactive. Apparently, the time invested in building the OnlyFans blog did not yield satisfactory financial results.

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