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Andre Fagundas
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How to Start an OnlyFans Account without Any Followers

This article focuses on starting an OnlyFans account without a pre-existing following. It won't cover obvious aspects like your age, appearance, style, or content quality. The biggest challenge for beginners is gaining popularity on the platform and earning money from subscribers and fans. How can you achieve this if you haven't been popular before and have no one to follow you on your OnlyFans account?

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Starting an OnlyFans Account without Followers

We spoke to OF model Ruby Rose about the possibilities of promoting yourself on the platform without any promotional tools. She shared insights about the realities of working, marketing, and performing on OnlyFans.

Spoiler alert: The realities are not as easy, even for successful content creators. That's why she is currently trying out FriendsOnly instead of OnlyFans.

The Importance of Loyal Fans

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I have been in this industry for nearly a year, and one thing I've learned is that the relationship between the model and the customer is crucial in this business. Customers may initially come and purchase content, but their interest can fade quickly. Even if you are a porn star, you must treat your fans well and consistently deliver engaging content to retain the attention of your loyal followers. Gaining new followers on OnlyFans can be challenging, especially for newcomers. It requires consistency, diverse content, building relationships with fans, and staying motivated despite the difficulties.

Money and Mood

OnlyFans lacks promotion tools, and the competition is extremely high. The only way for me to gain new followers is through promotion by other models. However, even this avenue is difficult for me because I don't fit the mold of a typical porn star. I must rely on their promotion, as they are the stars on OnlyFans. But their followers may not be the target audience for my style of content. Thus, I have to work diligently, consistently produce creative and active content, and maintain a positive attitude. This is how I retain my existing subscribers and prevent a decline in monetization. Of course, it's not always possible since I'm human and there are times when I feel tired or not in the right mood. These factors can impact my progress and decrease my income. Maintaining consistency is crucial.

Exploring Another Service

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It's important to identify your marketing goals and prioritize your well-being. I want to attract new followers who appreciate me for who I am and avoid potential sexual harassment or body shaming that can negatively affect my mental health. When you have small breasts and gain followers from individuals who prefer larger ones, there's a 70% chance of receiving criticism. That's why I'm considering trying out the FriendOnly service. It provides promotion tools and encourages models from various content genres to share their art, not just explicit content. As a nude art model, I want to seize this opportunity. On the FriendOnly platform, any post from any creator can appear on the main page and be seen by all users. OnlyFans doesn't offer such visibility for non-porn stars.

Getting Started on FriendsOnly without Followers

Regardless of the platform, creators need to put in effort to reach their audience and earn money. It doesn't matter if it's OnlyFans, Instagram, or FriendsOnly. Unfortunately, there are few platforms left where ordinary people can easily gain promotion. However, it's important to maintain our individuality and never give up. We have the right to be unique and competitive, regardless of the number of stars who preceded us. We don't have to conform or fight for something that isn't authentic to us.

Join FriendsOnly as a creator and explore new opportunities.

As creators, let's tap into our creativity and explore new avenues, connect with different people, and find platforms that appreciate our work. On OnlyFans, I sometimes want to be seen as a regular human, so I need to communicate this to my fans and ask for their understanding. I want to earn money and increase my income while staying true to myself. Trying out FriendsOnly presents a new opportunity to fulfill this aspiration. Let's see where it takes us!

Support Ruby Rose's creative endeavors by following her FriendsOnly account.