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Earnings of Loyalfans Models

If you're considering starting a career as a content creator, you may want to explore the possibilities offered by the Loyalfans platform. Take a look at our review of the platform and an excellent alternative to Loyalfans.

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What is Loyalfans?

Loyalfans is a subscription-based platform where content creators can establish fan clubs. Followers pay for subscriptions, allowing creators to earn income through video chats and paid messaging. In simple terms, Loyalfans allows you to monetize the interest of your followers!

The platform offers users the opportunity to become either followers or subscribers. Followers can pay for subscriptions to access your content or simply follow you to pay for other types of content. After completing the verification process, you can start your own Loyalfans blog. Any content creator above the age of 18 can begin posting on the platform. The verification process is important as influencers may share explicit content.

How much do models earn on Loyalfans in a month?

To begin, Loyalfans allows bloggers to keep 80% of their earnings, while the remaining 20% is a commission fee. You can potentially earn more money by participating in the platform's referral program, which means you earn an additional 5% for each new person who registers on the site using your code.

You can withdraw your earnings, but keep in mind that the minimum payout is $50. The payment can be received via ACH or bank transfer, depending on whether you reside in the US or another country. Loyalfans pays bloggers twice a month, in two periods. The first period starts on the first day of the month and ends on the 15th, while the second period begins on the 16th and lasts until the end of the month. Bloggers typically receive their earnings within one to seven business days after the end of each payment period.

The exact earnings of Loyalfans models are unclear, as they depend on various factors. However, it can be estimated that beginner models with a small fan base can make between $250 and $400. Of course, a small percentage of top content creators on the platform earn substantial amounts of money. Earning money on Loyalfans is generally considered easier compared to OnlyFans due to the platform's useful features that facilitate building a loyal audience. You can check your potential earnings on Loyalfans once you complete the verification process.

It's worth mentioning that Loyalfans, similar to OnlyFans, utilizes a traditional feed format for content profiles. All posts are displayed chronologically, and to view each photo or video, you need to scroll through the page. If transitioning between content pieces were as seamless as on Instagram, audience engagement would likely be higher. stands out from similar platforms by only allowing content creators to post vertical videos. What's particularly convenient is the ability to seamlessly switch between videos without interruptions, similar to Instagram and TikTok. Needless to say, vertical videos are more engaging to shoot than regular photos, and fans tend to appreciate them, resulting in faster development of loyal fanbases.

How to earn money on Loyalfans

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The main source of income is Fan Club Premium Subscriptions. Your earnings on Loyalfans depend on the number of followers you can attract. Once you have a significant number of subscribers, fan clubs become an excellent way to generate income. You have the freedom to set the price for monthly subscriptions. For instance, if you set a monthly subscription fee of $20 and have ten subscribers, you would earn $200. Subscription prices can be set anywhere between $1 and $50. Non-subscribed users can only access the safe-for-work (SFW) version of your content.

Paid content is another promotional feature available. Users can gain access to exclusive content by making a purchase. This feature functions similarly to pay-per-view images or videos on other content monetization platforms. Interestingly, paid content on Loyalfans can include not only photos and videos but also text, GIFs, and even audio.

Naturally, paid content can be purchased by any user. This feature is based on the concept of providing premium entertainment. While your fans may have already seen all your subscriber content numerous times, offering something new for an additional fee adds a fresh level of satisfaction. Like other content types on the platform, you can set the price for this type of private content.

You can also earn money on Loyalfans by engaging with your followers and subscribers through direct messages (DMs). You can set a price per message, and people will pay to interact with you. It's important to note that you will only receive payment for incoming messages.