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Earn Money with Content Sharing Platforms like OnlyFans

In today's digital landscape, there are various platforms where you can monetize your content by offering subscriptions to your audience. While OnlyFans has introduced several features, such as free trials, it's the alternatives that have fully harnessed the potential of these tools.

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Why is the free trial feature on OnlyFans less effective?

The main drawback of the trial subscription on OnlyFans stems from its inability to be utilized for advertising purposes on the platform. Due to the lack of promotional tools, web models are forced to seek followers on social media and offer them a 100% discount. Only prominent influencers benefit from the ability to gain a large number of followers by sharing a link to their profile.

The mechanism of free subscriptions is implemented more efficiently on FriendsOnly compared to OnlyFans. The key advantage lies in equal access to the entire platform's audience for all creators. This is made possible through a recommendation system. Web models upload free videos, which are then algorithmically added to the homepage feed, similar to the approach used on TikTok.

FriendsOnly's unique recommendation system ensures the discoverability of all profiles. Users come across interesting profiles in the recommendations, visit the web model's page, and have the opportunity to sign up for a free trial. This system enables all creators to earn substantial income even without relying on social media platforms.

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How does the OnlyFans free trial work and how could it be improved?

There are two formats of free OnlyFans subscriptions. The first format is a 100% discount offered by web models to new followers. This offer is valid for a limited time, typically ranging from 1 day.

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The second option is available to models who have the ability to manage two accounts. The first account is the main private account, where users must pay a monthly subscription to access the content. Content creators then create a second free OnlyFans account, essentially serving as a landing page. Consequently, the model needs to promote the second account on social media to gain followers, whom she will then advertise the first account to in order to generate income. As you can imagine, such a system is inefficient.

On the other hand, building a FriendsOnly account simplifies the process of gaining new followers. Unlike OnlyFans, you don't need to manage multiple accounts. Authors on FriendsOnly offer all visitors the opportunity to view content behind the paywall for free. The trial subscription period lasts for 24 hours (or 72 hours if set by the web model). During this time, users can assess the value of the content, leading to a higher likelihood of gaining paid followers. This free trial feature allows for the acquisition of new paying followers around the clock.

Tips for increasing the number of followers through a free trial:

  1. Create enticing teasers that clearly demonstrate what will be included in the full version.
  2. Produce memorable videos that resonate with your followers.

The free trial provides an excellent opportunity to showcase to users the superiority of paid content over the free offerings. The greater the disparity between the publicly available content and the exclusive content for subscribers, the more likely users will be inclined to pay and become followers.

Hidden drawback of OnlyFans' trial subscriptions

In terms of disadvantages, it's worth mentioning that many web models primarily share photos. For instance, a user might subscribe to OnlyFans for free after seeing explicit images. Upon gaining access to exclusive content, they might realize that they are being asked to pay for photos that are nearly identical to the free ones. This is another reason why cam models often struggle to gain followers on the platform.

In contrast, the system employed by FriendsOnly is different. All models share vertical videos, which can be enjoyed by viewers both at home on their computers and on the go via smartphones. These videos garner high audience engagement. As mentioned earlier, it's easier for content creators to demonstrate the distinction between free and paid content.

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