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6 Applications of Plastic Extrusion Molding

Plastic molding processes are widely used to produce various types of products. There are many types of molding like injection, blow, compression, etc. One f the most common type of molding that is used to create a variety of products is extrusion molding. Many products that we use in our day-to-day life are made using extrusion molding.

In this blog, we will look at the various application of extrusion molding.

Applications of Plastic Extrusion Molding

For extrusion molding, thermoplastic is used. To create objects that have a continuous profile, extrusion molding is used. Extrusion molding is more cost-effective than other molding types. Although very limited types of products can be made through extrusion molding, it is widely used because it allows production in large volumes.

The extrusion molding process is simple but has many types. Some popular types of extrusion molding that are used to create day-to-day life products are as follows:

  1. Direct Extrusion
  2. Indirect Extrusion
  3. Hydrostatic Extrusion
  4. Vertical Extrusion
  5. Hot Extrusion
  6. Cold Extrusion
  7. Impact Extrusion

Let’s take a deeper dive into this matter and know about the applications of extrusion molding.

  • Pipes and Tubing

Pipes and tubing have a cylindrical profile and therefore are easy to make by extrusion molding. They are made using PVC or thermoplastics.

  • Wire Insulation

Thermoplastics are excellent insulators and have thermal stability as well. This property makes them a perfect material for making insulation wires. Some companies use fluoropolymers in place of thermoplastics for making insulation wires. Insulation wires are made using extrusion molding.

  • Window and Door Profiles

Extrusion molding is a perfect method to create products that have a continuous profile. Plastic windows and doors are similar all around and therefore are made using extrusion molding. PVC material is used to create plastic household things.

  • Blinds

Extrusion molding is used to create blinds for windows. Usually, thermoplastic is used to create window blinds. Blinds are short and round from one side.

  • Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping that is used for doors, cars, and windows is made using plastic extrusion molding. Usually, weatherstripping is made from a rubber material. To make weatherstripping, a mix of synthetic and natural rubber is used.

  • Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers for different types of automobiles are made using extrusion molding. Synthetic rubber combined with natural rubber is used to create windshield wipers.

Obviously, extrusion molding has some limitations. It has some limitations and not all types of products can be created using it. Sometimes, the product also shows variations in size. The cost of setting up extrusion molding is also quite high, but they are the best when it comes to producing a vast quantity of a product. Extrusion molding is cost-effective and therefore is the preferred choice of manufacturers


The benefits and application of plastic extrusion molding are immense. Many products that we use in our day-to-day life are the result of extrusion molding. Although very limited products are made using extrusion molding, these products are important. With extrusion molding, products can be produced in a large volume and have very less wastage.

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